Beardbrand Sales Grow by 30% with Stitch

Beardbrand Sales Grow by 30% with Stitch


Beardbrand, a creator of high quality grooming products, began in 2012 as the lifestyle blog of beardsman Eric Bandholz. Tired of beards being left to kitschy, cheap products and feeling that low quality items led people to consider beards a short-lived fad, Bandholz recognized a growing need for better grooming products and transitioned to an official retailer in 2013.

"My goal was to provide the tools necessary for men to feel confident about growing their beards," said Bandholz. "I also wanted to end the negative stereotypes about beardsmen being lazy or unkempt."

Currently, Beardbrand has a small team of full-time employees, including Lindsey Reinders, head of product procurement and wholesale management, and Jeremy McGee, head of operations and strategy. From internal growth to product line options to customer experience, the Beardbrand team is focused on aligning quality products with a loyal community that shares its vision.

The Challenge

Inventory management is a common challenge among rapidly growing retailers such as Beardbrand. When its order volume grew, the team realized its current manual processes and dispersed systems were not going to support its sudden growth.

"We were growing so quickly!" said Reinders. "We had to source data from all three channels and do calculations to determine our revenue. Those three channels also reflected different demand trends, and it was difficult to aggregate our data effectively."

Orders were pouring in and the team was using email to track incoming products, making lead-times became nearly impossible to predict. Creating wholesale orders was a manual process. Drafting PayPal invoices, sending ShipStation orders, and approving shipments once payment was received all created opportunities for delays and mistakes.

The Solution

In order to manage its growth and maintain efficient communication, Beardbrand needed a better inventory and multichannel selling solution. That's when they turned to Stitch Labs.

A few Stitch features that Beardbrand uses the most:

  • Aggregated sales data from all three channels
  • Segmented channel data in one location for the team
  • The ability for the entire team to create orders, generate invoices, and track shipping from a single location
  • A powerful purchase order system that makes it easy to see, at a glance, which products are on their way to which warehouse, and enables proper lead-time calculations

The Results

Reinders reports that sales have increased by 30% since Beardbrand implemented Stitch. From wholesale management and customer service to fulfillment and accounting, the entire Beardbrand team has been able to get time back, improve customer relations and increase sales.

Because of the extra time and support for growth, Reinders and the team plan on adding two more warehouses and at least three more sales channels. As the company expands, Stitch will continue to serve as the company's inventory management and multichannel sales data center where the most important decisions will be made.

How Beardbrand Sells More with Stitch

Shopify inventory management
Amazon inventory management
QuickBooks inventory management
ShipStation inventory management
Wholesale inventory management

The Company

Company: Beardbrand

Opened: 2012

Industry: Grooming


"Stitch has given us insight into our business that has enabled us to enhance our strengths, improve our weaknesses, and focus on growth."

Lindsey Reinders, Co-Founder


• Greater Order Visibility

• Increase Overall Sales

• Multi-channel Inventory Control

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