Stitch Labs Launches Full-Scale Update to Inventory Management Platform

By eCommerceBytes team
June 3, 2014 eCommerceBytes

Stitch Labs, the industry leader in inventory management and multichannel selling, announced its new user interface today. Designed to meet the unique needs of retailers, the interface incorporates new visual and interactive experiences to increase productivity and simplify business operations.

Retailers using the new platform can expect:

•  Single Page Application: Users have access to a larger, more innovative workspace as well as a smoother, more responsive experience – all from a single page.

•  Faster syncs: With the rebuild of the platform, Stitch syncs with partners even faster, meaning users get the information they need quicker.

•  Simplified Sharing: Users can pull reports and seamlessly share exact information with teammates with customized URLs

•  Scalability: Based on trends from their customers, Stitch has created a platform that grows, as customer’s needs increase.

“This next iteration of Stitch isn’t delivered with just weeks or months of work, but years of preparation and learning from our customers,” said Brandon Levey, CEO and founder of Stitch Labs. “We’ve seen how much other systems have matured in what they offer sellers, and this was the perfect time to create a platform that centralizes those systems.”

Retail sales topped $4.73 trillion dollars in 2013; growth is expected to increase in 2014 and beyond by at least 4.4 percent.1 Just in the last eight months, Stitch has grown 3.5 times to accommodate retail industry growth and inventory needs for retailers across the country.

Stitch Labs’ cloud-based inventory management platform helps businesses unify sales channels, gather crucial data, and fulfill orders faster. Integrating with sales channels such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify and Square, Stitch currently processes more than $100 million in sales transactions each month and has seen a 716% increase in order volume in the last year.

As the inventory platform scales, Stitch continues to make additional updates to accommodate their growing client base.

“Stitch has given us insight into our business that has enabled us to enhance our strengths, improve our weaknesses, and focus on growth,” said Lindsey Reinders of Beardbrand. “We are adding two more warehouses and at least three more sales channels, as well as more products from diverse suppliers for our store. We will be calculating lead times and inventory floors based on the information tracked with Stitch.”

Stitch’s new user interface is available immediately and the company offers a free trial for new customers.