Simple Sears Inventory Management 

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Simple and Intuitive

Get powerful reports and keep track of inventory, orders, sales, invoices, and more with Stitch's intuitive interface.


Real-time Sears Syncing

Automatically sync your orders and inventory levels. Manage everything from one dashboard.


Seriously Affordable

Stitch is designed to be affordable for you at all sizes and stages of your business.

"I had a management awakening, when I realized Stitch was my back office."

— Kids Fire Dept.  |  Chicago, IL

"Before Stich my orders, inventory management, and shipping were a big mess. After I install Stitch, problem solved. Thanks, guys and gals!!"

— AmmoAce  |  Springfield, NJ

"Stitchlabs is the central hub of our business, and easily the reason we have the control and knowledge that we do."

— Love Nail Tree  |  Los Angeles, CA