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Quickly create and send purchase orders online with Stitch’s powerful purchase order software.

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Send purchase orders quickly online
and save supplier contact info

With your email inbox overflowing and filing cabinets full of unwanted paper, we know it’s difficult to keep track of it all. Create accurate and consistent purchase orders online in a snap with Stitch. We save your supplier contact information and historical orders so you don’t have to. Don’t like to send
them automatically through email? No problem. You can save purchase  
orders as PDFs.

simple online inventory sales and order reports
Set separate stock quantities for multiple locations or pools of inventory.

Track purchase order and backorder status

By using Stitch’s simple purchase order software, you can access your incoming shipments in just a few clicks. Just head to the Purchase Order section of your account and you can view the shipment status online.

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Partially receive shipment

Expedite your purchasing process by running it all through Stitch’s inventory control app. Didn’t get all the items you ordered from your last shipment? With Stitch, you can partially receive shipments from suppliers and easily create backorders to reconcile at a later date.

improve customer relations through smarter inventory management
Purchase Orders

Quickly assess supplier value

With Stitch’s purchase order feature, you’ll be able to easily track your costs and know which suppliers are providing you the best value. We provide you with a weighted average cost calculation, which helps you keep your profit numbers correct as costs fluctuate.

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Customize user permissions

If you only need certain users in your Stitch account to access purchase orders, you can quickly and easily adjust permissions. Don’t clog your team members’ accounts with data that they don’t need to see. Keep everyone on track by better managing what they can and cannot view/edit.

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improve customer relations through smarter inventory management

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