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What is Bundling

With bundling, you can combine products together and sell them as a set. It’s a great way to sell complementary items together, get rid of deadstock or introduce new items during the holiday season or any time of year. However you want to try bundling to grow your business is up to you. Just set up your bundles and Stitch will handle the rest.

Bundling Benefits Business


Increased Sales

Boost revenue this holiday
season and incentivize customers to
purchase more by packing items together with a single price point.


Clear Deadstock

Have inventory collecting dust?  
Bundle them with your best  
selling items to clear the
shelves and make room for
fresh inventory.


Expose New Products

Introduce customers to items
they typically wouldn’t buy with
interesting bundles that offer
standard inventory paired with
newer products. 

"With bundling we could easily offer up so many different ways to buy our baking cups, even custom assortments!"

-Greta Andersen   |   Layer Cake Shop

"Just created our first bundle and LOVE IT! Sweet, intuitive design, well integrated into the existing UI."

— Alan Adler   |  Standout Designs

"The new bundling feature is already saving me at least 30 minutes of work each day."

— Robert Epp   |  Topglides

Stitch's Powerful Features

  • Simple bundling

  • Powerful integrations

  • Automated syncing

  • Unified order management

  • Streamlined inventory tracking

  • True multichannel selling

Creating a bundle is simple. Just create an account, go to a product and add variants to a bundle!


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