Six Ways to Automate your Etsy Shop

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Between crafting your products, keeping up with convos and adding new products, your Etsy store keeps you busy. Sometimes, there is so much to do! While you may be tempted to handle everything yourself, it won’t be long before burn-out sets in or you become frustrated at juggling too many tasks at once.

There are many aspects of running your business that can be done automatically, saving you precious and valuable time. We all know that having more time is a good thing! Let’s look at the automation features available for making your shop run more smoothly, with less help from you.

Automate your Store

There are many ways you can automate every-day tasks necessary to running your Etsy shop.

Use Etsy’s Built-in Features: Etsy offers built-in tools that allow you to automatically connect with buyers. You’re able to create a message to buyers, which automatically sends a message when someone purchases your item. Inside your Etsy shop, choose ‘Shop info & Apperance.’ At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a section for ‘message to buyers.’ You may add any information that you like here. Consider adding a thank you for purchase, estimated shipping times, your return policy or contact information.

Relist with Ease: Relisting sold items can be time consuming, especially during busy selling times like the holidays. Luckily, there are several applications you can use to make relisting sold items easier.

• Uncle Gravy- Uncle Gravy is testing an automatic relisting feature that relists sold items that you specify. A trial of the program is free; however, if you like it, a flat $10 buys a subscription.

• Stitch Labs- Stitch Labs offers a multitude of tools for Etsy sellers, one of which is an automatic relisting feature. Stitch connects directly to your Etsy shop, making it easy to track inventory and sales. You choose which items to relist. When those items sell, Stitch automatically relists them. You’ll also receive an automatic packing slip that generates with each order, saving you time when it comes to packaging and shipping.

• Auto Relister- Auto Relister is an application for Android smart phones which automatically relists your sold items.  You can also schedule item renewals with this program. While the app is currently only for Android, a PC version may be available in the future.

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