Keep Track of Your Inventory & More with Stitch

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Have you heard of Stitch?  Stitch is an online tool that is built for small business owners and artisans to manage inventory, contacts, orders, expenses, and more.

We met the folks who built Stitch this past year at the Conference of Creative Entrepreneurs in San Francisco and in addition to an impressive online tool, they might just be the nicest people around!

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider using Stitch for your business:

• Inventory Management:  Build and manage your entire product catalog and inventory with a few simple clicks.

• Order Fulfillment & Invoices: Stitch is more than just invoices, they help with the whole order fulfillment process too.

• All Your Contacts In One Place: Keep all your contacts, people, and addresses in one place and find them easily.

• Powerful Reports & Analytics: Know what is selling, what isn't and make smarter decisions for your business.

These features can help make managing your business a heck of a lot easier.  And, Stitch will even help you migrate and import your contact and product data for free to help get you up and running quickly.