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The prolific poet, Eminem, once said, "Hip hop has always been about braggin' and boasting. 'I’m better than you with this,' and 'I'm better than you with that.'" And we agree. Which is why 1) we’re not rappers and 2) we created this press page. See what others are saying about Stitch Labs in the media below. If you’re preparing to write about us and are in need of some high-quality media assets, check out our Media Resources or Press Releases.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Small Business Inventory Management Systems

It’s a success story many small business owners dream of having. Farm Fresh Clothing Co., an online retailer of clothing made from organic cotton, quickly grew to $3 million in sales after signing on with Stitch Labs, a Cloud-based inventory management system. Managing your business inventory is essential for success.

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PW Interview Brandon Levy, cofounder and CEO of Stitch Labs

Here is an interview with Brandon Levey, Co Founder and CEO of Stitch Labs. The company recently raised $3.5 million in Series A financing and recently announced its latest integration partner, Vend, the top iPad point-of-sale (POS) software for retailers.

Stitch simplifies operations, allowing us to spend less time at the office and more time on adventures!

Mountain Mama


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Stitch Labs Announces Integration with Vend

Stitch Labs, the Cloud-based, real-time inventory and business management solution, has announced its latest integration partner, Vend, the top iPad point-of-sale (POS) software for retailers. With the Vend integration, brick-and-mortar retail stores will now be able to expand their business online, increasing sales channels and profits.

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Getting Software Tools to Work Together

For years, many small firms have been leaning on low-cost online programs to handle jobs like inventory, accounting and payment processing. But those services came with a big caveat: They couldn't share information with each other. So, if your order system rang up a sale, you had to record it manually in your inventory system.

We're so glad we found Stitch! It's not hard to learn and keeps our inventory straight, which keeps us from having to worry!

Ellie and Bea


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Stitch Labs Raises $3.5 Million As It Makes Plans To Address Inventory Management For Larger Business

Stitch Labs, has raised $3.5 million in Series A financing. Founder Brandon Levey said that Stitch Labs’ business has outgrown what its platform can handle, and they will be releasing a new product in January to serve larger scale businesses that they currently cannot accommodate.

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A clothing e-retailer quintuples sales by keeping better track of inventory

Founded in 2010, custom T-shirt seller Farm Fresh Clothing last year was floundering as it tried to track its inventory and orders with a system only one staffer knew how to use. After switching to software from Stitch Labs, however, the company in roughly one year was able to grow from annual revenue of $600,000 to $3 million.

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Weekend Read — Kevin Lavelle & Web Smith: E-Commerce 3.0

Founders of Mizzen+Main, Web Smith and Kevin Lavelle, share their experiences using Stitch Labs in their business. At the same time every morning, Kevin calls two co-founders in two states.... We discuss inventory, traffic, shipping costs, SEO issues and everything else that you’d imagine from a young-but-bustling men’s fashion retailer — and we do it all virtually.

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Inventory Management Startup Stitch Labs Integrates With Quickbooks Killer Xero To Simplify Accounting

Inventory management startup Stitch Labs knows it’s not easy being a small independent vendor. In addition to tools for tracking their inventory, those folks also need to be connected to multiple online stores, shopping carts, payment systems, shipping and fulfillment providers, and accounting tools.

Stitch Labs freaking rocks. Honestly. I am up to my eyeballs in wholesale orders this week, and I swear that SL makes it easier to manage, invoice and guys are my heroes.

Nohi Kids


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Online Inventory Management Tools

Not interested in spending thousands of dollars on an inventory management system? Here's a look at two Web-based offerings that make the job easy for a low monthly fee. Desktop inventory-management programs can cost thousands of dollars. New online platforms let you manage orders and inventory from any Web browser for a low monthly fee. Here are two options to suit different needs.

I love stitch! This has made my life so much easier. I love how everything is one place and I don't have paperwork all over!

The Paper Shamrock


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Big data for online retailers: Best practices on selling "sized" inventory

Are you a small business selling clothing or shoes online? If your online marketplace sells hats, gloves, or even bed sheets, you need to have the right amount of each size ordered. It sounds like common sense, but Stitch Labs, an inventory management service, notes that inventory costs account for 45-90 percent of all business expenses.

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Stitch Labs Sews Up Inventory Management

For many ecommerce pros, managing one's business means focusing on a single point of presence. The online site, its functionality, and whatever ad campaigns support it all operate to bring customers through one virtual front door. Managing inventory for that presence works in a straightforward manner - either an item is in stock for visitors to buy, or it isn't. But many online sellers have a brick and mortar storefront, with internet sales added to the mix.

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Inventory Management Startup Stitch Labs Adds Integration, Sellers Can Now Be "Fulfilled By Amazon"

It’s been a little over a year and a half since Stitch Labs launched to become the connective tissue between various online shopping carts and marketplaces. Today it’s announcing one of its biggest tie-ups to date, as the startup has integrated with to allow users to sell through the online retailer and to have their goods fulfilled by Amazon.

Before Stich my orders, inventory management, and shipping were a big mess. After I install Stitch, problem solved. Thanks guys/gals!!



Stitch is comprehensive, well thought out and very well documented. Highly recommended!

Swift Fly Fishing


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Inventory Management Startup Stitch Labs Adds Payment Processing With Verifone's Sail

We’ve already written a few times about how Stitch Labs helps small, independent merchants manage their sales operations across a wide range of online marketplaces. Well now it’s making it easier to connect their online and offline sales, through a partnership with Verifone’s Sail payment processing system.

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Verifone starts showing how Sail's openness helps it compete

When VeriFone launched Sail, it touted the openness of the platform. Now, it’s finally showing what that looks like. The first integration for Sail is with Stitch Labs (see disclosure below), which provides online sellers with a software-as-a-service inventory management system that also handles analytics, orders, shipping and contacts.

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Small business owners can now use Stitch Labs for free

Stitch Labs, a startup that helps small business owners track orders, inventory, and shipping, has rolled out a free option. The San Francisco-based startup is an inventory management tool that promises to make it easier to run a business. Stitch Labs grew its user base last year when the company began partnering with e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Etsy, where millions of people sell their wares.

The support staff is an A+. I have worked with complex systems... this one is where I want to be.



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Inventory Management Startup Stitch Labs Now Offers Shipping Through ShipStation

Founded on the premise of making it easier for independent creators to interact with their customers, Stitch Labs launched to offer a cloud-based solution for small businesses that wish to manage CRM, product orders, and inventory management. Now it’s taking that a step further by helping SMBs complete the full cycle of sales transactions...

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Stitch Labs integrates with BigCommerce to help small sellers track their stuff

Inventory management is a boring term for what is actually the central question of any small business: How much stuff do I have left to sell, and where the @$%& is it? Stitch Labs, an inventory management tool for small businesses like crafters and T-shirt printers, now integrates with BigCommerce, an e-commerce system for selling stuff, making it easier to answer that critical question.

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Stitch Labs' Willo O'Brien: "We Have Big Things Going On"

For all of us with small businesses – and that includes most new startups – balancing the mundane tasks that have to be done (like accounting) with the fun stuff (doing what you actually do) is a tricky line to walk. Stitch Labs makes it much easier for small scale product-based businesses to manage their sales – so they can focus on doing what they do - and actually selling.

The Stitch Labs app is one of the absolute best applications I've seen for tracking your sales.

Grey Gecko Press


I had a management awakening, when I realized Stitch was my back office.

Kids Fire Dept.


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Craft Business Tools: Taking Stitch Labs Inventory Management System for a Test Drive

When I first started to use Stitch Labs’ inventory management application to organize my craft business, I admit I was apprehensive. As I said in my profile of Stitch Labs, I am not a numbers person, and I get easily overwhelmed and frustrated — OK, even scared — when faced with that very important part of my craft business.

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Craft Business Tools: Stitch Labs Helps Crafters Hold Their Business Together

Something about numbers just never jived with me. Don’t get me wrong: math is essential. The world needs math. All the same, I am happier leaving the pluses and minuses of my craft business in the more capable hands of others. If left to my own devices, my inventory, bookkeeping, and business contacts would all be on small pieces of paper floating around in a glamorous shoebox.

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Using apps and mobile technology to run an Etsy shop

When I first started selling on Etsy, I was a purist for quite some time. I thought, "who needs all those apps, it's not that hard to run the shop without all those extras getting in the way". When one shop turned to two, then to three, and success started to flirt with our heels, my story changed a bit.

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Stitch Labs Lands $1 Million in Funding from True Ventures

Stitch Labs has found great opportunity in providing inventory management tools to small businesses, as the prior alternatives were bulky, large enterprise systems or managing inventory manually through spreadsheets or even (gulp) pen and paper.

Here is the takeaway: You should be using Stitch.

Inland Clothing


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Why We're Excited About Stitch Labs

It’s our pleasure today to welcome the newest members of the True family into the fold as Stitch Labs announces its seed financing. We think the Stitch team has built software that will meaningfully impact the large group of product-based business owners who are looking for a better way to streamline and integrate aspects of their operations including inventory management, invoicing, order fulfillment, contact management, reporting and analytics.

Love this product. This immediately opened my eyes up to a world of insights into my business.

Baxter's Premium Pet Food Delivery


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Stitch Labs makes running an online business a snap, raises $1M

Stitch Labs, a startup that helps small businesses manage inventory, orders, and shipping, announced today it has raised $1 million in seed funding from True Ventures. Co-founder Jake Gasaway told VentureBeat in an interview that Stitch Labs really took off after it integrated with Etsy and Shopify. Many of the millions of Etsy users began making their way over to Stitch Labs...

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Awesome Inventory Management Startup Stitch Labs Nabs $1M From True Ventures

Small business inventory management startup Stitch Labs is announcing a $1 million seed investment this morning led by True Ventures. In the same space as Bizelo and Ordoro, Stitch Labs allows design-focused small businesses to organize their CRM, product orders and inventory with custom tailored features like Etsy and Shopify integration.

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Six Ways to Automate your Etsy Shop

Between crafting your products, keeping up with convos and adding new products, your Etsy store keeps you busy. Sometimes, there is so much to do! While you may be tempted to handle everything yourself, it won’t be long before burn-out sets in or you become frustrated at juggling too many tasks at once.

I honestly can't say enough good things about Stitch. It is simply an amazing app that has completely streamlined my workflow.

After the Bump


If you are serious about scaling up your Shopify store, you will eventually arrive at Stitch.

All Good Things Organic Seeds


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Keep Track of Your Inventory & More with Stitch

Have you heard of Stitch? Stitch is an online tool that is built for small business owners and artisans to manage inventory, contacts, orders, expenses, and more. We met the folks who built Stitch this past year at the Conference of Creative Entrepreneurs in San Francisco and in addition to an impressive online tool, they might just be the nicest people around!

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Fantastic Resource for the Business Side of Fashion: StitchLabs

Fashion design is a creative business. Obviously. The excitement lies in the sketching and the swatching and the showing, the launch parties and press spotlights….all the fun stuff. What they don’t tell you in fashion school (usually) is all the time you will spend with the not-so-sexy stuff; the costing, the fundraising, the logistics, the invoicing.

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The Term 'Cloud' is About to Become Obsolete

The term ‘cloud’ has become so commonplace, it’s about to become obsolete. While businesses used to have to invest in expensive hardware to grow, scaling today has become affordable and seamless. Want to add 10,000 more users to your contact management system? Just use a cloud-based service provider like and you’re done. You no longer have to think about the logistics, you just trust in the power of the cloud.

Stitchlabs is the central hub of our business, and easily the reason we have the control and knowledge that we do.

Love Nail Tree


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Dylan’s Desk: How I learned to stop worrying and love “the cloud”

As I write, the VentureBeat offices sit enveloped by a cloud. In all directions, the fog wraps our office building in a soft, gray fuzz, obscuring the views of downtown San Francisco, the bay, and the ocean. It’s not unlike the cloud of marketing and hype surrounding “cloud” technologies. A fog of jargony words and needlessly ugly acronyms obscure understanding and make everything look like the same, soft grayish fog.

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