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From math nerds to creative
hounds, the Stitch team is home
to inspiring stories born out
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We've created an application that
makes multi-channel selling and
proper inventory management
possible for small businesses.



We don't just believe we'll
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Who We Are

Stitch Labs was founded in January 2011, after Brandon Levey, owner of an independent design and manufacturing company, found himself frustrated by the lack of affordable, intuitive tools available to help businesses manage their inventory. Brandon saw a need for a better way. He went to work assembling a top-notch team that had an intimate understanding of the same problems, and coding his heart out to develop the most intuitive, perfectly-designed business solution on the market. Thus, Stitch was born.

simple online inventory sales and order reports
increase sales by selling on more channels online and offline

What Do We Do

Stitch is a design-focused, fully integrated inventory management software for product-based businesses. Inspired by the founders' frustration in operating small design and manufacturing companies, Stitch is an intuitive solution for managing inventory, orders, contacts, shipping, expenses and business analytics all in one place. By streamlining numerous sales channels into a single SaaS product offering, Stitch empowers business owners to utilize their sales data and make smarter decisions.


Brandon Levey

Brandon Levey

Co-founder, CEO, Thinker Upper

Expert in: inventory management, multichannel selling, leading/starting
a company, data mining,
retail forecasting and more
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Michelle Laham

Michelle Laham

Co-founder, Creative Director

Expert in: UX/UI, designing
beautiful software, color
psychology, software
development/design and more
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Jake Gasaway

Jake Gasaway

Co-founder, Business Development

Expert in: small business management, SaaS integrations, inventory
management, multichannel
selling and more
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Fact Sheet

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Full Press Kit

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