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Stitch has allowed me to automate the business side of my company and allowed me to redirect my energy and inspiration towards what matters most: creating.
— Meera Lee Patel
"I have so much time to dedicate to making candles now that I've joined Stitch. I am able to get a quick glance at how my business is performing, outstanding invoices and expenses that need to be paid. I love how simple it is to manage my business. Owning a business is a very scary thing when you think about numbers and organization, but Stitch Labs takes care of all of that for you. It's a lifesaver and has no doubt helped me grow as a business."
—Christine Robertson, Penelope Co.


"Before Stitch, we were experiencing ragmented inventory across distribution channels and difficulty managing inventory. Now, I know that my inventory is always I sync between my website, consignment and Amazon."
– Valerie Kohlmayr, Reflections of Asia 

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"We have the ability to easily add on more staff due to the organization that Stitch has offered us. We save about 10-12 hours per week."


Micah Crossley, T3 Designs Co.


"With Stitch Labs, everything sits in the clouds and we love that! We have 24/7 access to our inventory information from any where, which is great since we are on the go all the time."


Anjana Aluthwala, Bredix Inc.


"All order management is in one place accessed by all employees,who can print whatever documents they need when they need them. Stitch has great sales reporting that gives us real-time information on sales against our budget forecasts."


Glenn Wrigley, Print2MEdia Ltd


"Now we use Stitch to synchronize our Shopify and Amazon inventories automatically, and it has totally solved our inventory synchronization problem. We no longer have panic attacks because we sold something that we cannot ship."


Laurence Bertone, Occitan Imports


"With Stitch, inventory reconciles without me going in by hand and changing things."


Stephanie Howard, World Stretch


"If your are a growing business (heck yeah for you!) and you are not sure which inventory management to use. Stop looking and put your faith in the hands of the amazing super geeks at Stitch. "




"I now have everything in one place online where I can track my inventory, orders, customer database."


Sherri French, Spbang


"Stitch has freed up so much time to spend on creating and spending time with my family. I look at that as a win-win! "


Jennifer Chick-Gray, Chick-a-dee Studio


"Now with Stitch I can keep track of what we've sold, what we need to order and best of all I can see what I have in stock to fill orders immediately!


Kaelin Tillery, Counter Couture

Girls Can Tell

"Stitch has given me the confidence to delegate this task to my employee, so that I can focus of growth, marketing, and customers."
– Eden Stein, Secession Art & Design

No Nasties

"We can easily manage purchase orders for finished goods and keep accurate inventory with product being sold online, in our retail store and in off site festivals."
– Wesley Cabral , Earthbody


"Now with Stitch I can keep track  of what we've sold, what we need to  order and best of all I can see what  I have in stock to fill orders immediately!"
– Kaelin Tillery, Counter Couture

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