Inventory control fitted for your business

The best inventory management solution for apparel retailers

More than 138,000 orders
are processed through Stitch a day.

Manage inventory, orders and sales all within one location. Whether it’s purchasing new apparel or finding new opportunities to sell, we make it easy for you to run and grow your business.


It starts with your product line.

Always know what items are in stock. Track apparel items across your channels and warehouses, including stock quantities and sales data. We’ll let you know what’s available and what’s running low.

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Always know what's happening.

Keep your team focused on building your brand and sourcing new items. We’ll take care of the rest. With a central order system, you can pull the status of any item and quickly communicate with your team. 

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Keep your business growing.

With seasonal fluctuations and trends flying by, you can use our 30+ reports to determine what inventory is selling best and which ones you need to say farewell to. We keep you in-the-know, so you can continue making the smartest decisions.

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What our customers are saying


"We began using Stitch, and our company just took off. The sales crew has real-time information about what inventory we can sell immediately and what’s in production on the way from factories."

– Matthew Morgan, Farm Fresh Co.

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