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Stitch connects your products, listings and orders across all your sales channels into one central location. This allows you to manage not only your inventory, but also your business operations. Having a centralized location from which to organize your operations will allow you to improve the efficiency of your team, allowing you to grow your sales without an increase in overhead costs.

We’ll walk through how to use Stitch to manage customer orders, simplify purchasing and integrate with other critical business applications.


Controlling the Chaos

Efficient Order Management

Stitch brings all your orders from all your sales channels into one location, ensuring that you always have a complete view of your business. What needs to be paid, fulfilled or shipped? It’s all in Stitch. This way nothing falls through the cracks and your customers are delighted by how quickly they received everything!

With a central dashboard for your orders, you can quickly view the status of any order - in aggregate or through specific views such as those that are ready to ship, or are past due.

Use these views to build a process for you and your team to prioritize activities each day.

For example:

  • Turn around orders quickly by starting each day by bulk printing packing slips for all your new and paid orders
  • Keep sales moving by dedicating time each day to reach out to any customers with unpaid invoices (make it even easier to pay by integrating Paypal directly into invoices)
  • Improve the customer experience by emailing the status of any delayed orders directly from Stitch.


Pro Tip:

You can also connect directly to shipping solutions like ShipStation to expedite and automate the process even further.

Keeping the Shelves Full

Smarter Purchasing

Now that your inventory is under control, you can start to make better purchasing decisions. Keep your shelves properly stocked by monitoring inventory through low stock alerts, predicting sales with the sales forecasting report, and managing orders from suppliers using purchase orders.



Low Stock Alerts

Never get caught off guard when it comes to your inventory levels. Stitch’s variant views help to give a comprehensive picture and low stock alerts give you granular actionable information.

The Low Stock Thresholds let you set individual thresholds for each variant - after all, some products are limited runs and will never be reordered, others are your most popular items and you always want to have at least 50 on hand. Some items might have low turnover or be expensive to store, so you might want only a few on hand.  You can even go one level deeper by creating low stock per warehouse. By customizing the threshold for each product, you can be alerted when it’s time to act.

Use the Low Stock view in the Industry tab to zero in on what items need to be reordered (pun intended!).

Intelligent Sales Forecasting

Become proactive about purchasing decisions using the Sales Forecasting Report. Predicting sales orders is time intensive and difficult, even more so if you have a lot of products across different channels. Stitch takes care of the heavy lifting by using complex algorithms that factor in all your order data within Stitch to create sales forecasts for the upcoming 4 and 12 week periods. Take the guesswork out of when and how much to order so you can keep those sales rolling in.




Easy Restocking

Now that you will know when and how much to order, it’s time to create a purchase order for your suppliers. Creating purchase orders is easy, as Stitch can automatically pre-populate a purchase order for a supplier with all the items or just the low stock items they carry. This removes the hassle and errors of having to transcribe all the items. You can also customize or add to the purchase order.

Keep track of all your purchase orders and the status of any open or partial orders within the purchase orders view. You can also see all of your awaiting stock directly on the inventory view. And, when you receive those items from the supplier - simply hit “received” and Stitch will update all those stock quantities automatically - magic!  At least it will feel that way!

Automating everything

Think Bigger with Add-Ons

You can extend the value of Stitch to even more areas of your business by integrating with a shipping solution, accounting software or even custom applications using our API.

Stitch’s Add-Ons are integrations with our preferred partners - check them out to learn more, but here are a few ways that our customers benefit from Add-ons.

ShipStation: Seamlessly blend inventory management into your current fulfillment processes by automatically sending order information into ShipStation and shipping statuses back into Stitch.

Stripe & PayPal: Accept payments from customers or retailers directly from within a Stitch generated invoice.

Xero & Quickbooks Online: Simplify accounting and bookkeeping by syncing key financial data directly from Stitch.

Stitch API: Get creative by finding new ways to leverage automated order and product information, create company progress dashboards or connect to an email marketing solution. 




Our fulfillment time has been reduced by 80% easily. We have integrated with Shopify, Amazon, Etsy and QuickBooks Online and it is truly seamless. Can't say enough about how thrilled I am with this app.

– Shelley Cloyd,

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