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Now that you have created a strong operational foundation that's built for efficiency and scale - it’s time to focus on growing your business. Stitch’s reporting provides you with unique insights into your business and helps identify opportunities to increase revenue.

You'll have all the information you need to make smart and informed decisions. There are over 30 reports available; we will go through just a few of them here.


Data Driven Decisions

Product Decisions

The Product reports will help identify which products in your catalog are generating the most revenue. Understanding your best sellers can help you attract new customers by highlighting popular products in advertising or through premium placement on your site. You can also use this information to inform your purchasing decisions so that you always have product available to capture the demand. Or use it to expand product lines by catching trending items early.


Marketing Decisions

Product reports, contact reports and order reports can all provide insight as to what you should be promoting and who you should be targeting. One example of this is the Orders by State report  which aggregates geographic order data. Now you can choose to target advertising dollars toward regions that are the most successful. Or perhaps it makes sense to attend a regional tradeshow or even open a retail store! 

Business Decisions

Top line growth is important to the business, but ultimately it’s the bottom line that matters. By capturing cost information in Stitch with the average unit cost field, you can keep track of your profit margins by product. By comparing the profit and product reports, you can uncover ways to grow your business through small changes such as increasing pricing of popular items or bundling profitable items with best sellers. 


Supplier Decisions

Increase efficiency and reliability of your suppliers by ranking them against benchmarks on lead time, delays and accuracy. The Supplier Scorecard aggregates metrics across our thousands of customers so that you can leverage this information to drive better business terms with your suppliers. 


Stitch Labs has become an integral tool used everyday by our team to manage orders, inventory and invoicing. The easy reporting system has helped us gain visibility and insights on top sellers and top margin styles.

– Beth Richards,


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