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Inventory Reporting Features

Product Reports

Grow your revenue by knowing which products are performing best and through which channels with our powerful reports.  Pull aggregate sales and product information or break it down by individual channel, outlet or timespan.

Exportable Data

Every business has different ways of analyzing their data. Quickly export your information via CSV, Google Drive, and/or PDFs so that you can run additional analysis.

Product Drill-Down Reports

Focus your purchasing by drilling into the attributes of your sales, such as size, color, scent or material. Now you can see how to expand your product lines or spend your marketing dollars.

Sales Forecast Report

Order wisely by using the Sales forecasting report to estimate when inventory is expected to sell out. Always have the stock on hand to fulfill sales orders and keep your customers happy.

Sales Channel Reporting

Stop hopping from system to system or digging through spreadsheets to get the answers you need. We’ll give you a complete view of your sales across each channel. Understand which channels are your most profitable.

COGS and Profit Tracking

Tracking average unit cost, will help you see how much you are spending with suppliers and the true costs to growing your business. With the Inventory Financial report you can use this insight to negotiate with suppliers, manage shipping costs and adjust pricing to increase your profits

COGS and Profit

Be informed and make better decisions with Stitch's 30+ reports. You can quickly pull profit, stock, COGS and revenue numbers for tax time, as well as important sales analytics throughout the year.

Historic Stock Log

Know the exact inventory count and value as well as COGs on any date with the Historic Stock Log report. This is extra handy around for tax calculations and accounting.

Order History Report

Improve operations by understanding the demands on your team as orders come in. Identify order trends so that you are staffed appropriately for peaks and working to smooth out lulls.

Custom Reports

Create individual reports for your company dashboards by accessing all the valuable information that Stitch captures about your products, sales, channels and customers.

Amazon Fees Reports

Demystify the Amazon 'settlement report' with Stitch reports that clearly list average fees by variant as well group fees into understandable business categories. 

30+ Reports

Be informed and make better decisions with Stitch's 30+ reports across all aspects of your business products, orders, purchasing and customers.

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