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Operations Features

Online Purchase Orders

Quickly create purchase orders and track costs and purchase history for all your suppliers. Automatically populate purchase orders with all products supplied or just those that are running low.

Automated Inventory Updates

When products arrive in your warehouse or shop,  move stock from awaiting to on-hand with a single click.

Partially Received or Backorder Tracking

Adjust inventory quantities based on what you actually receive. You can also track back-ordered products, allowing you to always have control of where your items really are.

Supplier Scorecard

Benchmark suppliers with historic data around lead time, delays and accuracy of orders. Use the supplier score card will to improve supplier relationships and inform purchasing decisions.

Accounting Integrations

Automatically sync invoices, POs, COGS and other important financial information into your favorite accounting platform. Learn more about our integrations with Xero, Quickbooks Online, and Quickbooks Desktop.

User Permissions

Give your team different levels of access based on their roles. Manage permissions so that your employees know exactly what they’re tasked with when managing your inventory within Stitch.

Cloud-based Solution

With Stitch, you can log into your account from anywhere. Snag a laptop with a wifi signal and you're good to go.

Friendly Online Support

Having trouble getting things together? Our smart and friendly online support team will help you get through it. Feel free to email us at support@stitchlabs.com or reach out to us on live chat during normal business hours.

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