Better Inventory Control

Inventory Management Features

Centralized Inventory Tracking

Brings all of your inventory together by integrating with your shopping carts, marketplaces, POS, payment processors and accounting solutions into Stitch.

Transparent Inventory Stages

Keep track of inventory availability at all times. With inventory stages you'll know not only what's on hand but also what's been ordered and is awaiting delivery. 

Low Stock Alerts

Never get caught off-guard with low inventory. Set low stock thresholds and automatically get alerted when stock has hit that level.

Sales Forecasting

Predict inventory needs using our proprietary sales forecasting model that was created specifically for retail businesses like yours.


Know exactly where your inventory is located by allocating and viewing inventory by warehouses or retail locations. Create transfer orders to gain transparency when transfering stock between warehouses.

FBA Stock Management

Leverage FBA and Prime status for Amazon and your other channels. With a centralized view of FBA inventory quantities you can always keep inventory in stock. Easily create, ship and track inbound shipments from within Stitch.

Product Bundling

Automatically adjust inventory for all products in a bundled or kit order using bundling.

Autobuild Channel Products

After syncing your channel listings to Stitch, we’ll create inventory products based on those listings and automatically link the two.

Barcode Printing and Scanning

Gain order in your warehouse by printing barcode labels for your inventory. Stitch simplifies workflows like stocktakes and pick lists to make it easy to save time and reduce errors by using barcode scanners. Learn more >>

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