nerd JERK  Amigurumi Crochet Plush Sculptures
nerd JERK aims to excite your inner geek with a love for all that is old-school & retro! We specialize in geeky amigurumi crochet plush sculptures inspired by video games & enjoy the challenge of custom orders. Fresh from our San Francisco studio, our product lines are ever expanding, soon to include rad DIY cross-stitch kits, brand new plush collections & more!
Anna Apple Designs  Upcycled Goods
Ana Apple Designs prides itself on creating each product by hand, bringing character and individualism to every piece. Each product is crafted with meticulous attention to detail to ensure quality, strength and safety. Say no to cookie cutter! Fitting in is for middle school and Linkin Logs. Showcase your own personal style with a collection of unique pieces.
My Artist Corner  Upcycled Furniture
My Artist Corner is where people shop for lovely, upcycled furniture to create a personal home. My Artist Corner is the Bay Area Stockist for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. The best paint in the world! My Artist Corner's owner Susan Simon conducts workshops on Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and other furniture distressing and embellishing techniques. My Artist Corner is owned by Susan Simon, who sources the furniture, gives it new life, and brings it to sale in local markets.
giejo  Perfect Summer Swimsuits
giejo was conceived in Spring 2011 when designer Gabby Sabharwal once again found herself searching for the perfect summer swimsuit. Born out of frustration for the lack of fashion-forward prints and inspired cuts, Gabby took it upon herself to design and produce her own set of swimsuits to fit her personal style of effortlessly mixing prints, colors and patterns. Knowing she wasn't alone, Gabby immersed herself in the world around her gathering feedback from friends about their own ideal swimsuit shapes and then looked to her closet to artfully match bold patterns. The result... Six unique, multi-functional swim separates featuring versatile prints and figure- flattering silhouettes that can be mixed and matched for an eclectic look. Made in the USA.
Pet Crafts by Diane  Dog & Cat Collars
I walked with my team, Girls Gone Miles, in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in 2011. I learned how to make collars/leashes as a fundraiser to help my team meet our goal, and I discovered that it was fun! I decided to keep it up. I continue to donate profits to different fundraisers. Collars can be custom made to fit your dog or cat's neck, and custom leashes can also be made.
Nohi Kids  Loveable Kids Clothes
We love their cute little faces, their innocence, their honesty, their curiosity and their playfulness. Nohi Kids is my love of kids and my love of design morphed into one cute little package. We create comfortable, high quality, and eco-friendly clothes that appeal to both kids and their parents. We are the favorite dress or tee shirt that your child won't take off. And, we want to be sure that our clothes are durable enough so that you can pass them down to the next lucky kid.
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studio44eighty  Modern Wood Accessories
I have been working with wood for 6 years. Several years ago I began experimenting with turning wood on a lathe. One of my favorite things about lathe-turning is watching an unassuming, sometimes ugly, chunk of wood reveal its inner beauty and warmth as each layer is turned away. My inspiration comes from childhood memories of mid-century modern design and my professional background in architecture and the building industry.
The Paper Shamrock  Stationery & Jewelry
Some may say I have my hands full and as a stay-at-home mom with three kids under five, I do! But that doesn't stop me from wanting to create! It has become my release from the everyday. I graduated with a degree in graphic design communication and worked in marketing, design and sales for ten years. So when I decided to become a stay-at-home mom the crafting gene kicked in! I absolutely love designing invitations for parties, crafting gifts and creating personalized pieces for people. It not only cures my need to design but my love of paper! I look forward to creating with you!
ZIA Clothing  Wearable Artwork
ZIA clothing is wearable artwork. All apparel is hand printed in San Francisco. We focus on natural fibers and water based inks to provide a product that is ethically produced, attractive in style and very soft to touch.
Little Deer Creations  Handmade Papercrafts
My name is Dyani Evans and I am the owner of Little Deer Creations. I have been doing craft, in some form or another, for as long as I can remember. I've dabbled in painting, beading, knitting, embroidery, patchwork quilting and more. I love all things handmade, but papercraft is my true passion. I like to think of my creations as being a bit like that little deer - beautiful, natural, and treading lightly on the Earth. It's even more satisfying to know that I can do it in a more environmentally-friendly way, and as my business grows, with your support, I hope to be able to do even more.
Mo Clothes  Addictive Clothing
Mo Clothes is Designer Harry Morrissey and Creative Director Robin Hall. We make awesome original clothing handmade in Vietnam under fair trade conditions.
Sleeping Dogs Studio  One-Of-A Kind Artworks
Over the last ten years, the hand-crafted items produced at Sleeping Dogs Studio have been a unique alternative for one-of-a-kind art objects and paper-crafts throughout the Midwest. First formed as Paper Works in 1998, the studio was renamed in honor of two lovable shelter animals who joined the home studio in 2004.
BOA Style  Eco-Friendly Fashion
Hello from Morocco! We are Cristina and Sara, mother and daughter, and founders of BOA. Before creating BOA, we found the lack of affordable, high-quality, eco-friendly fashion discouraging. We wanted ethical-fashion chic enough to wear anywhere?? Yoga, work, out to lunch--or perhaps a last-minute flight to the Maldives (let's go!) We wanted comfort without compromise. And of course, we wanted style! BOA was born because we refused to compromise our ethics for fashion, and with BOA, neither do you.
Batty's Bath  Natural Handmade Soap
Each product that Batty's Bath offers was made with a purpose. Long before Jamie was ever selling her creations under the name "Batty's Bath", she was making bath and skin care products for herself and her fiancé to address the needs of their own skin issues; severely sensitive skin for Drew, and a long term battle with acne for Jamie. Each day Jamie feels extremely blessed to be able to offer simple, practical luxury that everyone can indulge in. She's also eternally grateful for all those who have supported, and continue to support, her and her soapy adventures.
Una Chicas Chic Props  Backdrops, Floors & More
Una Chica's Chic Boutique is also the parent site for Una Chica's Chic Props where my products are geared more towards photographers. Being a photographer myself, I thoroughly enjoy creating new props to keep my photographs new and fresh.
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Dutch Door Press  Stationery & Letterpress
Dutch Door Press is a letterpress and design studio based in san francisco's haight-ashbury district. we specialize in eye-catching wedding invitations, birth announcements, personal stationery, greeting cards and limited edition prints. our designs are a modern twist on the traditional folk art of northern europe.
Vanessa Gade  Contemporary Jewelry
Bold, kinetic and sculptural with an elegant interplay of angles and curves, Vanessa Gade's jewelry makes a contemporary statement balanced with a timeless wearability. The diverse urban landscape of San Francisco provides the ideal creative backdrop for Vanessa's work and can be seen in the architectural qualities of her jewelry designs. The structural nature of her pieces is gracefully countered by a fluidity and movement influenced by her love of the ocean and her youth along the beaches of Southern California.
Pacific Puzzleworks  Interlocking Wooden Puzzles
My name is Lee Krasnow, world famous designer of interlocking wooden puzzles, master puzzle-craftsman, and owner of Pacific Puzzleworks: a California based puzzle manufacturing business. Over the course of my career as a full-time puzzlemaker (since 2001) I have undertaken numerous elaborate projects which have pushed the limits of my creativity and skills as a self-taught artist, inventor and entrepreneur. In the simplest sense, this website serves a portfolio of photographs that I have taken of those projects, however I hope someday to turn this into an autobiographical catalogue raisonné of sorts.
Maboue  Wearable Porcelain
"Made" in the beautiful mountains of British Columbia, today they live just north of Montreal with my lover, my daughter and the most beautiful dog in the world. When I do not run behind my pullet 18 months, or in the forest with my three loves, I spend my time hands in the earth. That's how Mabou was born, my small porcelain jewelry business.
See Spot Pose  Pawtography
See Spot Pose is devoted to capturing the warmth, beauty, humor, and honesty of our best friends - those canines, felines, equines, and other animals that share our homes and our lives - through every photograph taken by seasoned pet "pawtographer" Samara Iodice. Working both in studio, or on location at your home or your favorite pet-friendly place, Samara will capture your best friend true to his/her personality. So many people spend a lifetime with their pet(s) and never capture that special photographic memory that mirrors the true essence of their beloved pet. Samara has a unique way of capturing an animal's focus and instilling a sense of security, that in the end, allows the animal's true self to shine through every See Spot Pose pawtograph.
La Petite Couture  A Luxury Line for Little Ones
A small sewing project of some bloomers for my baby girl one weekend turned into a sewing frenzy. In a few weeks I had several new dresses for her. I educated myself on the ins and outs of clothing manufacturing and 2 years later I find myself a designer and manufacturer! La Petite Couture can be found in stores across the country, Canada, and Italy. Quality is our theme from fancy trims, unique buttons and lovely linings. I hope you enjoy my collection as much as I enjoy creating it! Happy dressing!!
hanasaurusrex  Artist | Designer | Illustrator
Hanasaurusrex is an artist and designer but mostly an illustrator, a crafter, a knitter, an underwater basket weaver, and a self-proclaimed curator of cute. She is available for parties, but consider yourself warned, she may eat all the cake. She likes to create... things... out of the box, in the box... maybe a box. She likes to misspell wordz in lowercase. It's probably an authority thing, but she doesn't like to dwell. She also likes, but is not limited to liking, pencils. pixels. sound. pen. acrylic. reading. rain. points. line. watercolor. paths. feathers. chocolate. shiny things....
Thimblepress  Letterpress Studio & Much More
So here is my little (well kind of) story... Not only is Thimblepress a letterpress studio, it is an art studio, sewing studio, design studio, woodworking studio, and basically anything creative that i want to try my hand at next. With the love of handmade, art, color and pattern from my grandmothers, I hope to make Thimblepress a reflection of my life, love of family, and favorite places in the world; one of them being Mississippi. I knew at the age of five when i dressed up as an artist for kindergarten career day, that i would indeed be that one day.
Peggy Takes Manhattan  Vintage & Stationery
3 ounces of inspiration
1 1/4 teaspoon of vintage
3 dashes of pretty things
a dash of photography and music
a sprig of typography
Shake. Pour into a lowball. Garnish with a maraschino cherry and serve with a swizzle stick.
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Double Dutch Sweets  Delicious Chocolate Bars
Like the childhood game we're named after, Double Dutch Sweets strives to make candy bars & confections that remind me of the brightest parts of my childhood – living 10 blocks from the county fairgrounds, summers of pick-your-own berries and stone fruit, reading contests at the only library in town, vinyl swing sets at every park, and llamas for neighbors. Our delicious bars are crafted with carefully selected ingredients and small batch methods for wonderful treats for the 7 year-old in us all.
Au Retour  Independent Textile Design
Creating encounters with something beautiful or unexpected is what thrills us the most. Committed to responsible production and craftsmanship Au Retour's work and aesthetic reflect a love of process, materials, and formal exploration. Modern and contemporary art, plants, modern architecture, contemporary and traditional crafts, futbaalll and utopian movements are just a few of the obsessions that inspire our work.
Kukubee  Handmade Adorable Art!
Kukubee was created by two soulmates, Brent and Brandi, who share a love of video games and adorable, tiny food. Most of Kukubee's characters come from Brent's super-weird imagination and Brandi's magical sewing needle. On most days you can find Kukubee drawing and sewing until their fingers fall off or preparing for the impending zombie panda apocalypse!
Thelma May's Attic  Jewelry Supplies
Hello, my name is Melissa....spring cleaner, attic duster and curator to an Anthology of Tiny Things Inspiring Creativity! It's nice to meet you :) Do you love jewelry supplies as much as I do? Then you will know how hard it is to let go of those tiny gems of possible creativity that were destined for greatness...but just never quite got there. That's why, to send them onto higher heights and if I am to ever move in my studio again, then it is time to spring clean the Attic!
Simple Shapes  Wall Decals, Furniture & Accessories
We are Simple Shapes - the leader in modern wall decals, furniture and accessories! But who are we really? We are led by a husband and wife team, an Architect and a Graphic Designer, who have always had a keen sense of design. The idea of Simple Shapes wall decals was born from our desire to decorate the walls in our rented apartment without spending a fortune on artwork and wall coverings, or worse yet, having to re-paint at the end of our lease. By using wall decals, we enjoyed the affordability and ease of decorating our home and offices, all while having the flexibility of changing the designs very easily. Since launching our business, thousands of customers have experienced firsthand the same love for wall decals that we discovered!
IMPWEAR  Growth System Garments for Kids
As a Seattle mom with three lively, growing boys, I looked all over for fun clothes that would last. I love bright, happy prints and so do kids. I started making a line that made getting them dressed easy and they got to wear what they loved. Fairy, fireman, or farmer, IMPWEAR lets kids strut their stuff in distinctive, easy-to-put-on styles. Seattle children have grown up in IMPWEAR. We've churned out quality hand-me-downs for 20 years in zesty prints that keep customers coming back.
Fevi Reyes Designs  Jewelry & Accessories
Fevi Reyes is a Puerto Rican jewelry and accessories designer based in South Florida. She channels her energy to bold dramatic designs that encourages a woman to be daring and express their inner sensuality. Her metalsmithings skills and craftsmanship make every piece a work of art. Fevi conveys this enduring femininity and sensuality from her own life, infusing this idea with her vivacious energy, to deliver chic, bold, and edgy designs.
The Decal Lab  Vinyl Decals, MacBook Decals
The Decal Lab provides vinyl decals and window stickers and is located in beautiful Orange County, California. Here at The Decal Lab, we strive to provide high-quality vinyl decals with a level of customer service that exceeds expectations. That's why each of our decals is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If there is anything wrong with your order, we will make it right, or your money back. Our available graphics will be growing as we work to expand our inventory. If what we have listed isn't what you’re looking for, contact us about additional sizes, colors, styles, fonts, custom designs or logos, – anything!
girls can tell  Housewares & Useful Things
girls can tell is a line of housewares + useful things featuring the illustrative diagram designs of sara selepouchin. sara's degree in architecture + years of mechanical drawing experience along with her love of useful things are the primary inspirations behind girls can tell. the belief that surrounding yourself with things that make you smile is totally important what it's all about.
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Relode SF  Recycled Local Design
It all started when I received an iPad 2 as a birthday gift in early 2011. After 4 months of searching (and coming up empty) I thought all was lost. Walking out the door of a cafe, I literally ran into a crew of guys changing out a billboard above the restaurant. Durable? Check. Great materials? Check. Cool? Double-check! From that moment on, I knew I could create a great product and use materials that would otherwise be sent to the landfill. On October 2, 2011, our first run of cases were created. Recycled materials; locally sourced; designed well - the three core values that make up our name.
Headcase Press  Letterpress & Jewelry
In the beginning, there was a letterpress... Nestled in a basement at a small college on the North Shore of Massachusetts in 2007 Imposition Press thrived. The letterpress shop run by professor Sarah Smith was comprised of three antique presses and is where the seed that spawned so many ideas was planted.... Combining varied interests, Nicole has created product lines such as the knit card collection and recycled letterpress type jewelry that push the boundaries of the craft. Steadfast in her belief that letterpress is an art to be celebrated and preserved; she enjoys sharing the skills that began her journey through teaching out of her studio.
handmade by kp  Everything Sewn
Hello! My name is Katie and I started handmade by kp in the fall of 2011. I began sewing after I received my mother's sewing machine as a Christmas gift in 2010. Once I started sewing, I couldn't stop. I've sewn everything from quilts to aprons to shower curtains. I love searching out cute and modern fabric and making highly functional items with a little flair.
Sonas Denim  Patched Jeans
Gerry has always viewed the jeans as a source of happiness: Sonas. It's good times. Liberation! Confidence and individuality. Community and celebration. It's the feeling of exuberance, like the ecstatic high of being with all your best friends at once. We at Sonas thought we would share some of this spirit that has kept us living. We have had great times in our patched jeans. We wanted to make them available to everyone. We really hope that you will continue this legacy of happiness.
Channing & Co  Handmade, Trendy Jewelry
Growing up in a family of five girls, I learned to love jewelry early on. I love jewelry that is fun, classy and edgy. Whether it's costume jewelry or the real deal, I love it all! Great jewelry makes you feel special. Over the years I have become an artist, a friend and a mother to my son Chance. In learning to balance my multiple roles, I have developed a deeper sense of simplicity. It is this balance & simplicity that inspired me to start designing and selling jewelry. Channing & Co offers fashionable jewelry for any occasion.
Ink Meets Paper  Handprinted Cards
With a passion for the handwritten and the handcrafted, each card we print is handfed, one color at a time, through a 1920s printing press in our home studio. The 100% cotton paper is thick, and the ink is mixed by hand. While we use old-school printing methods, we are also big fans of modern technologies. Our card designs are created digitally and then made into photopolymer plates for printing. Our story codes (the small scannable QR code on the back of each card) allow us to share the story and creation process of each card because there's so much more than just ink and paper.
Plumwood Studio  Handmade Jewelry
All Plumwood Studio jewelry is hand made by myself in my home-based studio. I am a formally trained jeweler and I have been creating jewelry for over 5 years. I am very excited to share my brand new collection! I take a lot of my jewelry inspiration from one of my other loves - home decor. For spring and summer, I wanted to embrace bold colors and vintage-modern style. My new collection combines the two in classic designs with a modern pop of color we are all seeking this season. My materials include precious and semiprecious gemstones, vintage glass, sterling silver, and 14K gold. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for please contact us and I will be happy to bring your vision to life!
Long Winter Farm  Home Grown Soap
About me:: I'm a 30 year old mom of two living in western Maine, where I share my life with kitties, puppies, and my favorite munchkins. I'm a major craft addict, playing with sewing, knitting, spinning, felt crafts, candle making, embroidery, and of course, soaping! Yup, I'm one busy chick. Nope, I don't take naps.
Sensational Art Apparel  Handmade Apparel
Amazing handmade silk screened designs by Sensational Art Apparel artist Marlon Beaver's pen drawings are featured. Marlon's unique interperative designs are so stunning and trendy. They are printed on American Apparel T-shirts. Sensational Art Apparel is surely a San Francisco must have.
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Jasper & Ruby Visions  Fine Art & Photography
I live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. I have a wonderful little family, husband Kris and son Israel. I have a wonderfully supportive extended family and friends who spur me on to keep creating with their encouragement. Im so blessed that i can live such a fullfilling life. I love that I have the freedom to earn a living creating beautiful things and taking photos and spending it with Izzy. i spend a lot of my time playing, taking photos, editing photos, taking more photos, painting, drawing, running the Art House at Reformation ministry centre, blogging...
Visual Musings  Fine Art photography
Fine Art photography in a wide range of subjects. All photos featured are taken and processed my me. All professionally printed on archival paper and signed by yours truly.
Skincare by Feleciai  Artisan Handmade Soap
Passion. Luxurious. Handmade. Relaxation. Natural. These 5 words are the principles of Skincare by Feleciai. Passion for the products we make. Luxurious, for the way they make you feel. Handmade to ensure the highest quality. Relaxation, a key benefit of using our products. Natural ingredients, to do no harm to the skin or the earth. Created in Oakland, California, Skincare by Feleciai is a company dedicated to producing only the finest products while maintaining its connection to the local community.
Not Just Soccer  Equipment, Trofies, Team Sales
We are Louisiana's largest soccer specialty store. We have all your soccer needs from cleats, uniforms, balls, bags, gloves, shin guards, to the end of the season awards. At Not Just Soccer we can fit you from head to toe. We have all your training equipment needs from cones to pop up goals. So come be a part of our team and we'll help you succeed in every aspect of the game. We've got what it takes to make you a winner.
WhimsicalsCards  Handmade Cards
All of the cards you see here are created start to finish in my studio. I start with the drawing then scan it and format the illustration into card (or other) form. I print using only the highest quality light-fast ink with an over 300 year album life. I also use high quality archival and acid free paper purchased from local vendors. I love watching a product transform from an idea into a finished product, then tucking it into an envelope to send to you.
Fanciful Flowers  Original Flower Artwork
Art has found me, an older woman who never guessed that art would be my passion, my pass time and my pleasure at this time in my life. I am thankful that after a life time of nursing others I now have time to nurture my soul. I am an untrained artist who never thought she would be thought of as an artist, it thrill me still. I'm having fun and I hope my art will bring a smile to your lips. My love is painting flowers, but I call them my fanciful flowers because I don't have the skill to paint them as Mother Nature has, I just have fun with them trying to give them character, some even have names, especially those I paint for children.
Fish-A-Way  Ice-Fishing Poles
This unique ice fishing rod is built sturdy enough for even the toughest fight against the most stout fish. Fight the good fight with Fish-A-Way Cobra Ice Rods!
Wabi Brook Studio  Artwork & Metalsmithing
Artist and metal smith Julie A. Brown's work explores the shapes, colours and textures of nature. With paint, found objects, metal and stone she expresses a deep, intuitive connection to the earth and the creatures which live upon it. She stumbled into her career as an artist quite by accident when a sudden, life-threatening health challenge forced an early retirement after nearly 25 years as a horse and rider trainer.... She found this re-discovered passion allowed her to express her newly found appreciation for the simple things in life.
CROWN NINE  Jewelers and Makers
CROWN NINE is the flagship shop of Oakland based jeweler Kate Ellen, and home to a finely curated collection of art and design for home and body by local jewelers & makers. CROWN NINE focuses on the things that matters most: knowing each other and caring about where we live. The store will be a hub for creative exchange; a place where artists are supported in living off their art, CROWN NINE will have classes, trunk shows, and events that will bring makers and seekers happily together.
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Widget Factory  Mobile Accessories
Use your iBend on a plane, bus, or train - whilst lifting weights, eating breakfast, waiting at the sushi bar, getting your teeth cleaned, at a business meeting, sitting in traffic, serving on a jury or practicing yoga. The slenderness of the iBend allows you to easily store it in your wallet, pocket or purse so you'll always have one (or two) handy.
Wall Stories  Durable, Changeable Wall Stickers
Wall Stories mission is to introduce art and storytelling in fun and playful ways that encourage kids to be creative as they grow up. Founded by Caron Reeder, a creative mom of two that loves cool and funky kids stuff, and Maria Carluccio, a mom and freelance illustrator and designer.
Bridal Jewelry by Plumb Crazy  Bridal Jewelry
Many thanks to all of my wonderful customers! The past two years have been amazing. I am honored to have provided jewelry for so many lovely weddings and I can't imagine doing anything else. Hi! I'm Kelly and I have sewn for as long as I can remember, and while helping my sister prepare for her wedding, I realized that the beautiful jewelry in the bridal boutiques didn't have to be so expensive. I made the jewelry for my sister and her bridal party, and fell in love with the jewelry making process.
SOLZ Shoes  Uniquely Fashionable Footwear
SOLZ, Inc. is a San Francisco brand founded in 2010 to provide uniquely fashionable footwear which meets the rapidly growing demand of women and men for distinctive, comfortable footwear that identifies them with, and actually enhances their enjoyment of, an active, leisurely lifestyle. We call this "functional fashion." SOLZ shoes are ultra-lightweight, flexible casual shoes. They are available in a variety of colors and logos. They can be bent, folded, and rolled up, and are designed to move naturally with your feet as you walk. They are weather and water friendly and are all machine washable.
Acorn + Archer  Sustainable Jewelry
Acorn + Archer is the creation of Carolyn Burgess Sellers and David Sellers of Nashville, TN. Using primarily organic materials, they focus on reclaimed, recycled and sustainably sourced woods among other materials. Each piece is created with architectural simplicity, and is intended to accent or elevate your everyday. When not working with wood, Carolyn can be found bringing new life to old relics or rearranging furniture like a mad woman. David is most at home in the kitchen or working to restore his 1972 BMW.
Paisley Barn Originals  Aprons, Bags & More
I get inspiration from anything and everything. I love sewing and creating and sharing that with others. It's the best thing to be able to do what you love! If you have found a fabric that you love and think that it would look fabulous as one of my items, convo me...I do custom orders as well!
One Canoe Two  Adventures in Letterpress
From sketchbook to printed piece. This all started because we love to draw, doodle, and generally do art. Sometimes we have a plan ("let's make Christmas cards") and sometimes we just scan in some random drawing that Carrie did during a faculty meeting at school while her boss looked over her shoulder. Part of what makes our letterpress artwork cool is that we really love that hand-drawn look. The name 1canoe2 comes from years of dreaming up big ideas around a campfire and floating down a spring-fed Missouri river in a canoe. Two girls, one canoe. And we like how it sounds.
Steam Circus  Costumes & More
Our site is designed around the idea of Steampunk Convention Themes, like Circus, Nautical (think 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea), Wild Western, Time Safari, etc. We attend conventions ourselves (WHAT FUN!), and know it's nice to be able to find fun and creative themed additions to our costumes, as well as getting ideas for making them unique.
Marissa Del Rosario Designs  Accessories
Be you. Be yourself. Be an original. Marissa Del Rosario is an accessories designer with an eye for creating pieces of wearable art. To her, each and every day is an opportunity to be inspired and to design pieces that she aims to mold her signature style on.
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Quiet Mischief & Company  Friendship Bracelets
I started making friendship bracelets in the summer of 2009 because I had nothing better to do. My sister and I started a booth in our local Farmers Market in Utah, where I sold these bracelets and she sold some beaded bracelets she makes and we amused everyone who passed with our two kittens on leashes.... We are now quite a bit more organized, and are starting to really treat QM & Co. as a business. We have quite a few plans for expanding our product base as well as our stock, and may eventually have to make a second or even third Etsy shop just to keep everything straight!
Resing Art  Photo Cards & Prints
All the images that appear in were taken with either a Nikon D70 6.1 Megapixel SLR digital camera or an Olympus Camedia 730 3.2 Megapixel digital camera. I then manipulate these images in different artistic ways, with the end result being that the picture takes on a painted appearance. The enlargements of these images are printed on archival paper with archival inks. Under normal lighting conditions (not in direct sunlight) the pictures have a life expectancy of 100 years or more.
JL Yarnworks  Knitting and Crochet Supplies
Knitting and crochet supplies for the discriminating fiber artist.
Nosh This  Delicious Sweets
Nosh This was founded in August 2010 in response to my love of food. From the extreme joy I get eating it, to the craft of making it and the pleasure of feeding others, this has quickly become a consuming passion of mine. Another influence in the creation of this venture is bacon. I really like bacon. Seriously. Products are made by hand, with careful attention to detail and in small batches to maintain quality. I believe that you will taste the difference with your very first bite.
Glass Painter Studio  Beautiful Stained Glass
I have been working in copper foil for about 14years. Last year I made the mistake of taking a fusing class and now I have even more ideas racing around in my head! There is so much glass and so little time. I have a great "studio" to work in. Actually my husband's side of the garage which he ceded to me rather than build an addition. Smart guy! I'm happy to have dedicated space that I designed to meet my needs. We did have to do some rearranging to bring the kiln in though. If you are here locally and want to see something in person just email me to arrange a convenient time.
Forma Living  Interior Design – Home Furnishings
Our Mission... A commitment to support sustainable living through the redesign of the every day objects that make up our lives. A commitment to use salvaged pieces whenever possible and to take back any of our products once their useful life with a customer has ended. In this way we can ensure that only what absolutely cannot be reused or reinvented is recycled or properly disposed of. A commitment to bringing beauty and art to people's lives. A commitment to do good for the people who create these objects.
4/Four Cards  Paper Cards
In this modern world of instant electronic messages across the planet there's a quaint nostalgia in receiving bits of paper through the mail. I like the idea that I'm doing my small part to keep that feeling alive.
By Nieves  Handmade Natural Body Care
When Nieve's knowledge of cosmetic ingredients made finding products that she wanted to use herself increasingly difficult. She decided to take matters into her own hands. Abiding by the very simple philosophy that products can be made using only beneficial ingredients, she developed a line of products using wholesome time tested ingredients in unique formulations. Happy with the results she started sharing them with friends. She now owns and operates By Nieves, a natural handmade body care line produced with organic ingredients and served with a twist. She is delighted to be making a living doing what she loves.
Jasper Hearts Wren  Modern Playclothes
Even though at times, Jasper "hurts" Wren, they both love each other very much...and they both heart the cute, comfortable and colorful playclothes made by their mommies and think that you should try them too. Jasper Hearts Wren is a two-skirt design cooperative. Owners Heather Jennings and Lisa Schwartz are self-taught creative types, who couldn't be happier than when they are pounding coffee, cutting birdies and seeing their modern playclothes idea take flight.
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Leah Duncan  Illustration, Design, & Press
In 2008, after working as a graphic designer for advertising firms and screen-printing companies, twenty-something Leah moved to Austin, Texas, picked up a pen, and started drawing. Determined to make a living doing what she loves, Leah taught herself how to sew and surface pattern design. Three years later her goods are sold in the handmade and boutique markets internationally and her works has been licensed by land of nod, target, urban outfitters, and teroforma. Inspired by her neighborhood in east austin and her native american roots, Leah creates a world where quirky meets beautiful, folk meets modern, and feminine meets delicate.
Pajama Sutra  Slim Fitting Pajamas
What sets PajamaSutra apart from other brands? It's is our unique, slimming fit! Other pajamas are boxy, shapeless, and too short in the sleeve and leg. Our pajamas are cut longer and sexier with shaping darts in the top, bell-shaped sleeves, and pants that gently skim the thigh before flaring out below the knee. The result is a flattering pajama set that you will love to live in!
danani  Handmade Adornments
Dani Hagemeister designs and handmakes all of the pieces at danani. She began designing and creating at a very young age and started making headbands to fill a gap in her wardrobe after not being able to find what she wanted in stores. Not wanting to keep it all to herself she created danani, so that girls like her could get their hands on her inspired pieces. Dani translates everyday fashion into outstanding hairpieces, because of this you know you can come to her for the most forward thinking accessories. Constantly inspired by her wardrobe and yours she focuses on creating the best adornments to compliment a variety of styles.
Akula Kreative  Graphic + Web Design
Akula Kreative is a San Diego-based graphic and web design studio serving individuals and small businesses across the nation. We have two main goals: 1) make every element simple, clean, and creative and 2) exceed the expectations of each and every client. With a focus on constructive collaboration, Akula Kreative provides the artistic guidance and technical expertise required to build a successful, exciting, and cost-effective campaign.
Montana Ride  Performance InnerWear™
Montana Ride offers Western apparel Retailers a line of high performance innerwear. All apparel features innovative design and performance fabrics to look, feel, and smell great. Your customers get unique products they can't purchase elsewhere, while you grow your store's revenues with pure add-on sales.
Busy Bea Soap  Naturally Made Soap
You've stumbled upon premium cold process soap made by hand in small batches using certified organic extra virgin olive oil and other natural ingredients like locally sourced beeswax, essential oils, clays, and seeds. Synthetic ingredients like fragrance oils need not apply! All soap is made by hand in Washington state.
Yummy & Company  Artistic Jewerly
Everything here is one of a kind, original, and made by me in my studio, here in Baltimore! My studio is based out of Hampden, one of Baltimore's quirkiest neighborhoods. This is where I create one of a kind pieces of jewelry from either recycled copper or clay. I've always gotten a kick out of making things, and being a jewelry designer allows me to come up with new designs and ideas on a constant basis! Most of my designs are inspired by nature, texture, and architecture. I truly love being able to create little pieces of art that anyone can afford and enjoy.
Gatski Metal  Sculpture & Furniture
We are Ben (33) and Kate Gatski (35). We live on a hilltop in rural Pennsylvania. We make sculpture and furniture using reclaimed materials [old farm machinery & barn wood]. Ben is the welder, farmer, artist and Dad. Kate is the designer, cook, entrepreneur and Mom. We have three children. We established Gatski Metal in 2003. Prior to Gatski Metal, Ben operated an organic dairy business and Kate organized educational events for farmers- for a sustainable agriculture non-profit.
Hip Violet  Unique Handmade Children's Apparel
Hi! I'm jesi - I started Hip Violet as a way to stay at home with my daughters while also making nifty accessories for the "hip" parents out there. I have always loved to craft and sew, and when my oldest daughter Violet began eating regular food and making a HUGE MESS I thought there had to be a better and cuter way to cover up her adorable clothes! All my bibs are made from scratch using my very own pattern. They are all oversized to cover up their clothes AND have two toddler-proof snaps for closure. I search far and wide for only the cutest fabrics and I love creating one-of-a-kind pieces when I sew! All of the applique patterns were created by me - you won't find them anywhere else!
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Bean Up The Nose Art  Stationery & More
When she was a teeny tiny tot, Tamara Holland ran up to her mom and announced, "I don't have a bean up my nose!" Of course, she did. Nowadays, Tamara brings that same enthusiasm, pluck, and child-like optimism to her vibrant mixed media collages. Then she has them reproduced in small batches by fabulous vendors in the USA, and sends them out into the world as Bean Up The Nose Art products. Each is designed to be sent and used as every-day art.
Through The Loops  Crochet & Yarn
I used to sell only wool diaper covers and pants. I needed more variety in my life, so I'm branching out to more variety and custom pieces. I enjoy making market bags because a girl can never have too many bags even if it is just for groceries or produce. Accessories add some color to your wardrobe and some softness, so I can wrap the world in happiness. And of course we are all trying to do our part to be a little bit more green, so I also have many household items to reduce use of disposable products. I love having the freedom to create as work. I love using my hands to create and when I'm not knitting or crocheting I am playing the piano or hugging my children or baking bread.
See to Believe Studios  Scripture Artwork
See to Believe Studios was launched in 2005 with an idea: I really wanted God on my mind. One way to stay focused on him was to display his promises in visible places in our home, but I didn't exactly love the post-it notes all over the nooks and ledges. Inspired by handwriting on old walls, I wanted to create art that was personal, authentic, and comfortable. I began hand painting canvases that layered the words of scripture over a textured background to coordinate well with the decor in the homes of my family and friends. And soon enough, friends of friends became treasured clients...
Doggie Detail  Toys & Treats for Cats & Dogs
Handmade toys, treats and fun for cats and dogs. We handcraft all of our items in the San Francisco Bay Area and hope that your pets will love their Doggy Detail treasures!
LaGrave Designs  Unique Kaleidoscope Art
Some of the reasons these kaleidoscope images appeal to me so much are my love of geometry, angles and symmetry. However, they are more than just beautiful abstract images. They offer a different perspective of actual places and things, to which people may have a strong connection. I hope that you enjoy my images as much as I do. I love what I do, and hopefully that passion can be seen in my art.
Pistachio Press  Letterpress Stationary & Gifts
Pistachio Press was officially launched during the summer of 2007. Founded by Rachael Hetzel, the press had been functioning informally since 2003 when Rachael drove to Ohio to buy her first letterpress. Since then, she has accumulated several hundred pounds of type and three more presses. Her printmaking background has helped to fuel her passion for paper and ink as well as equipment and design. After moving to Rochester, New York Rachael set up her studio space at Anderson Alley and expanded her basement operation. Pistachio Press now prints fine stationery, social invitations and limited edition prints.
Spotted Dog Farm  Botanical Jewelry
I make contemporary botanical jewelry at my studio in Asheville, NC. I'm a full-time artist, but I've followed a slightly different path than most: In the last ten years I've worked as a corporate attorney, started a family, trained a few horses, launched a cut flower business on the family farm, explored most of the mountain bike trails in Western North Carolina, run a trail marathon, and served as the Board Chair of a local non-profit. Using the name of the family flower farm, Spotted Dog Farm, I sell my contemporary botanical jewelry at galleries in downtown Asheville, regional art shows and on Etsy.
The Spacer Shop  Handmade Lampwork Beads
My name is Michelle Bryant, and I am a Wisconsin-based lampwork artist who specializes in spacer beads. I have been involved in the glass arts for over 20 years, ranging from traditional stained glass to mosaics to hot glass, and being employed in other glass studios as well as my own. I also enjoy designing jewelry, working outside in my gardens, and herding my cats. I am currently expanding my decorated beads line as well as preparing for the upcoming winter holidays!
Yorktown Road  Handmade Cotton Bags
I made my first bag as a child. The bag was very simply formed using a square loom. I can still picture my fingers pulling the cotton string over and under to create the texture of the fabric. The imperfection of the edges gave the bag so much character. The spirit with which I approached my first piece is still embedded in my work today as I create functional designs using simple forms and subtle textures. Yorktown Road product is produced in my small workshop. I hand-dye the fabrics, draft every pattern, construct each piece and document the process with abstract and partial images. I thoroughly enjoy this work that I do.
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type.lites  Eco-Friendly Home Goods
We are former roommates who share a devotion for innovative design and a weakness for anything that tingles our sense of smell. as a result, type.lites was born – a cleverly packaged candle line featuring seven irresistible fragrances that will delight every candle lover. our candles are hand poured in the san francisco bay area and set with our favorite wood wicks. did we mention our candles are made of soy wax? that is to say, not only are type.lites easy on the eyes and nose, they're also easy on the environment. not too shabby.
gilliauna  Unique Handmade Artisan Jewelry
Unique handmade artisan jewelry rich in color and quality incl necklaces, earrings, bracelets, eyeglass chains, badge lanyards, charms, zipper pulls, rosaries and more. Custom requests welcome! At Bits n Beads by Gilliauna color and quality is what we are all about. Let us help add a little extra color to your life!
Guevarra Arcega  Women's Contemporary Fashion
Guevarra Arcega is a women's contemporary fashion brand that combines traditional tailoring techniques and fine fabrics to create quality clothing that make women look and feel beautiful, luxurious and empowered. In 2009, Heather opened her own design studio to pursue her childhood dream of designing and creating her own clothing line.
Black Kettle Soap Company  Natural Soap
Black Kettle Soap Company was founded because of the need to relieve the 'itches' for five out of six of our beautiful daughters. Eczema has been a big problem for us. This is when we learned about the natural soothing properties of handmade soap and oils. We've been hooked ever since. We've named our company Black Kettle in homage to the 'Old School' soap makers that came before us. Every bar of soap is handmade using the finest natural ingredients, including olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, and various nut oils. Essential oils are chosen for their therapeutic properties as well as for their delightful aromas.
Beco Designs  Vinyl Crafts
Happily married with nine kids,ranging in age from infant to teenagers, I have taken my love of words and typography to create beautiful art boards and wall decals that bring beauty and meaning to any home. I place emphasis on customer service and quality, producing a collection that combines sweet sentiments with vintage appeal to make precious pieces my customers will love and cherish.
LOLLIDAYsPROJECTs  Handmade Jewelry
LOLLIDAYsPROJECTs is a line of handmade jewelry & accessories, founded in 2008. All pieces are hand-built using various techniques and unique materials. Thus, each pieces has its own character and personality (just like you!)... while its diversity of colors will give a spark of refreshing into your everyday outfit! I prefer to keep my jewelry and accessories in a limited numbers (if it's not OOAK - one of a kind), because I believe handmade pieces should be special and not mass-produced. So, if you find an interesting piece... go get it whilst it's here!
Kate Ellen Metals  Jewelry
Kate Ellen is taking men's jewelry back to nuts and bolts – literally. Somehow she manages to take the junk bin in your garage and turn it into jewelry that looks like something you'd actually pay money for. With unique rings, necklaces, cufflinks, and tie tacks you'll be able to find a gift for every important guy you know – even if that's only you.
Beth Kerschen  Handcrafted Urban Landscapes
I use a unique blend of techniques using photography, digital photo-illustration and printmaking to make urban landscapes that celebrate the great creativity, personality and culture that evolves in urban centers.
Zelma Rose  Handcrafted Jewelry & Accessories
Hi there, I'm Lisa Anderson Shaffer, designer and owner of Zelma Rose Dry Goods, creating meticulously handcrafted classic jewelry and accessories for modern living. I'm crafty to the core, a perfectionist of sorts, and believe that a great accessory honors the past and winks at the future. Zelma Rose Dry Goods was founded in 2010 inspired by the age old Anderson Family tradition of meticulous attention to detail and fine hand craftsmanship. Cultivator's of classic style, Zelma Rose Dry Goods create tried and true designs with a modern twist for stylish ladies & gents.
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Aum  Skate/Snow Inspired Streetwear
Following her love of snow, mountains and snowboarding, she moved to Truckee, in the beautiful Lake Tahoe region, to start her own sustainable clothing company. From sewing in a walking closet of an 8 bedroom 70's party house, to then making her studio in the very cold garage of her A-frame cabin, AUM was born as a labor of love. Staying true to her roots, AUM is a blends of California culture, skate/snow inspired streetwear, and vintage fashion, all while making everything in a sustainable way.
Beastwares  Purveyors of Furry Finery
BeastWares is a line of independently-produced clothing and accessories, made by several pairs of hands (and one set of paws) in the Bay Area. We make awesome. That's our job.
Polka Dot Moon  Accessories for Babies & Children
We are proud to introduce a stylish brand of accessories and gifts for babies and children. We have combined unique fabric with style & creativity. Our boutique offers a baby and kids line that is MODERN, FASHIONABLE and FUNCTIONAL! We want the best for you and your baby. As moms we understand what you are looking for, items that are practical in every day life, yet still retain style. You CAN take care of baby in style with our bibs, burp sets, lovely blankets, stroller blankets and accessories.
This Charming Candy  10 Minute Treats
Kate and Susan founded This Charming Candy in 2009. We're a Seattle-based handcrafted candy company that is known for its unique, delicious lollipops in brilliant colors, which we sell online through We invite you to also check out the list of stores that carry our lollipops. We've been friends for over 10 years and have so much in common it's scary. We've both been mathematicians, librarians, and have escaped from corporate life in big high-technology companies before deciding to go into business together. We're also hockey fans (San Jose Sharks for Kate, Philadelphia Flyers for Susan) and avid tea drinkers.
rue22 jewelry  Jewelry & Gems
All of Leslie's life she has been interested in the arts. Whether it was drawing, acting, singing, dancing or creating, Leslie had to do something artistic on a daily basis. After graduating high school Leslie worked at a local bead store in Berkeley. Being surrounded by other enthusiasts she realized she found her calling. In 2006 she attended the Gemological Institute of America studying gems. This course was so eye opening it led her to a design course in Florence, Italy.... This is how Rue 22 was started: Finding the road ("la rue") from age 22 which will lead her into the future.
Indigo Crane  Handmade Fiber Art
For Anna Katherine Curfman, Indigo Crane expresses her artistic desire to create beautiful handmade apparel through fiber arts. To accomplish this, she experiments with wool fiber and silk using her unique design approach. She creates nunofelted pieces with a strong sense of color and pattern. Feltmaking is a personal, physical, and meditative process that is at once fluid, fast, slow, and detailed. Each piece evolves from the artist's inner calm into something that is planned, but with unexpected twists.