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Support Specialist (Master Stitcher)

San Francisco, CA

Stitch Labs is looking for enthusiastic, personable, well-written (and maybe a little weird) human beings to help build our support team! As a Stitch Support Specialist, from the simplest of questions to the knottiest conundrums, you'll be at the vanguard of Stitch's customer interaction. You will tackle emails, live chats and the occasional phone call while simultaneously building and improving the support structures that will preemptively address customer concerns before they happen.

If you don't have a time-traveling DeLorean, you'll be accomplishing all those tasks by developing an exhaustive understanding of the app and working closely with Stitch's small team of incredible engineers, designers, sales and marketing folks. This is a team effort (and a cozy one at that). You'll need to demonstrate that you're just the right kind of crazy to work long hours in close quarters because you're dedicated to making life better for your customers, your colleagues, and yourself.

If you're interested in applying, please send your resume and cover letter to careers-support@stitchlabs.com. Remember, we're looking for someone who can process information and communicate it with personality. Your cover letter should make it immediately evident that you've taken time to research what Stitch does, who we are as a team, and why you're the most in-freaking-credible, super dedicated, and all around swell candidate for this particular position. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Core Skills

  • Superb communication skills:  You understand that effective communication is about more than what you say, it's about taking the time to listen and understand. Your dedication to learning allows you to make complicated concepts sound easy or to describe in detail the simplest of interactions. You can write quickly and comfortably in an easy, natural tone.
  • A deep understanding of software and the web:  You won't need to know how to code, but the terms like PHP, SQL and Javascript shouldn't terrify you. You can quickly learn complex procedures, troubleshoot potential bugs on the fly (pun intended), and visualize a customer's screen from their description alone.
  • An empathetic desire to help:  For you, a new inquiry isn't a just case to close, but an opportunity to understand someone's story and make their life a little easier.
  • A personality:  You need to be yourself, a genuine, sometimes funny, sometimes flawed, real-life human being. A customer would never think for a second that you're just an algorithm processing on a server rack somewhere.


  • A college degree
  • Experience in a client, customer or user facing position
  • Demonstrated independent execution of complex tasks

Bonus Skills & Experience

  • B2B or SaaS support experience
  • Experience writing content for blogs or support articles
  • Experience with support software (like Desk.com)
  • eCommerce or product-based small business experience
  • Understanding of basic accounting principles
  • Anything else you’re awesome at! (we’d love to know)


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