Backend PHP Artisan

San Francisco, CA, United States | Apply Now

In short, you’ll be helping to supercharge our backend and take Stitch to the next level of awesome. You’ll get to solve complex, high concurrency, direct customer impacting riddles.....with support from the rest of the team of course! We’ve more than quadrupled our growth in the last year with no signs of slowing down, we’ll need someone to help keep that pace and keep us going! If you love having big goals, impossible challenges, and making customers incredibly happy whilst fostering your obsessive need for perfect code and user experience, this is the job for you.

Along with coding, you will be responsible for working with our frontend developers on our agile and ultra-efficient team. Communicating with customers is a must to make sure we are delivering the most beautiful, intuitive application possible.

Stitch is evolving rapidly, and we want you to help shape the backend development of that process.

To apply for this position please click the apply link above and send us your resume, link to your online public repository, and tell us why you are applying to work on Stitch.

Required Skills

  • 3+ years of experience with PHP
  • 1+ years of experience with MySQL
  • Experience working on teams and/or open source projects
  • Experience with GIT SCM
  • Experience working with RESTful APIs (both consuming and providing)
  • Passion for solving complex resource scaling problems (We’re going to need A LOT more cowbell...)
  • Basic Linux knowledge (primarily debian based)
  • Understanding of job/message queues (Gearman, Resque anyone?)
  • Experience with configuration management tools (primarily Puppet)
  • Passion for user experience
  • Never ending desire to self-educate on the latest PHP, MySQL, Elasticsearch, and other scalable backend technologies

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