Xero Inventory Management is here!

xero inventory management

Stitch and Xero are now integrated! We're closing the loop between inventory management and accounting because we're awesome, and our sellers are, too. We want to support the many businesses that use Stitch. We do this through releasing integrations like this one, and strive to satisfy all the elements sellers need to run a successful (and growing!) business.

Xero Inventory Management

Now, Stitch users have a seamless process for managing inventory and accounting. Xero users can now manage their inventory more effectively and efficiently. THAT is a beautiful thing. By using Xero accounting to manage the fiscal portion of running a business, Stitch users can be more organized, and get really granular data about their finances for easier management.

Set Up Xero Integration

Xero and Stitch are both very robust apps, so it makes sense that the integration process takes a little bit of set up. Once you define your settings, the integration is a breeze and will save sellers a ton of time. Upon set up, you just need to match which Stitch information should talk to which Xero accounts. We've enabled users to integrate in a generic way or in a more advanced way, depending on your Xero settings and accounting needs. We've created an in-depth video to walk you through integrating Xero, as well as really helpful support articles.

Sellers are All Set

Sales, revenue, taxes, COGS, and inventory levels are now even easier to manage from an accounting perspective. We hope this new integration will help many of our existing customers and bring on some new ones. If you are excited about this news or think it'll benefit someone you know - spread the word!!


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