Wrap Up: Leveraging the Cloud for Your Small Business

On Monday night we hosted our meetup: Leveraging the Cloud for Your Small Business. We had a truly stellar panel contributing, and a great turnout at RocketSpace! Thanks to everyone who came and participated. Our friends from Vend, Xero, Shopify, and our own thinkerupper Brandon spoke on the panel, moderated by Joshua Zerkel. They had some great viewpoints on the cloud and answered a ton of questions for the audience. Our partners from SAIL were there, too. Local retailer TaylorStitch and type.lites both shared what works for their business and how they use cloud apps to manage inventory, accounting, ecommerce, and more.

The meetup was the perfect venue to reveal our latest project, a NEW VIDEO featuring some of our best customers, Tricia and Crystal of type.lites. They handmake wood wick soy candles, and have been using Stitch since the early days to manage their business. Type.lites uses Stitch to track inventory and orders across multiple channels - Etsy, Shopify, SAIL, and other offline wholesale accounts. By using Stitch, they can manage everything in one place. We are REALLY pumped about how the video turned out. Check it out:


You can view all tweets related to the meetup using hashtag #cloudforbiz. We live tweeted a lot of the questions so there are some great take-aways in the feed. We also uploaded a few pics to Facebook - check em out!

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