Work Your Booth Like a Rockstar with Stitch and SAIL!

It's amazing how one little piece of plastic can totally revolutionize the way I do business! As a die hard Stitch user, I was beyond excited to hear that Stitch was partnering up with SAIL, a new and super easy to use credit card reader. The Stitch Team gave me a sneak peak at their new integration with SAIL a few weeks ago and so far I'm loving it! So what's so great about Stitch + SAIL? Here's the skinny:

  • Seamless and super easy product integration! With a few clicks I can share entire product families with SAIL. No more old fashioned book keeping, or having to worry about constantly updating inventory at craft shows. All my inventory is right there in SAIL. Just add to a transaction and swipe that credit card. SAIL even keeps track of cash payments!
  • A clean and helpful application interface. I was impressed with how quickly I was able to get the hang of SAIL. Accessing product listings within SAIL and setting up a payment is very fast. No more long lines at my booth. Great for me and my customers!
  • Customizable receipts. Each SAIL customer receipt is like a personalized business card. Add information like your Facebook page, email address and Twitter account to keep customers connected.
  • Low transaction fees. Yes, you heard me right! Using SAIL means saving money. With a 1.95% transaction fee versus the average 2.70% you are saving money on every sale.

Zelma Rose at Renegade Craft Fair. Portraits To The People 2012

If all that wasn't enough to have me excited, my favorite feature about Stitch + SAIL integration is that with SAIL you can scan barcodes! A few weeks ago, Brandon, head Thinker Upper over at Stitch Labs, blew my mind with this idea. With Stitch + SAIL you can easily add custom barcodes to all your product. Adding barcodes is easy through Stitch, just add a Custom ID to each product listing. When you add a product to SAIL, this barcode becomes part of the product information! Say goodbye to individual price tags. As a jewelry designer that is a dream come true! All those little hang tags are a thing of the past! With free barcode generating websites like Barcodes Inc. and Barcoding Incorporated you can quickly generate unique barcodes for all your product. Cut and paste the barcodes to create a printed booklet of all your product barcodes. Scan each barcode when you accept a payment through SAIL and all your numbers are crunched through Stitch. AMAZING! Being able to scan barcodes saves me so much prep time before a show and knowing that my sales are organized and updated continually during a show means afterwards I have a lot less to worry about. Stitch + SAIL have become my super smart silent business partners!

I'm still experimenting and learning about all the ways Stitch + SAIL can help my business. I'll be sharing more tips and tricks as I become more familiar and continue to use them together, but so far it's been smooth sailing!

Questions about using Stitch + SAIL? Lay it on me!




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