Welcome the Newest Member of Stitch Labs: Char Kuperstein!

It is my pleasure to announce the newest member of Stitch Labs, Char Kuperstein! We're not sure what it is, but we seem to have an uncanny ability to attract people that love to give the thumbs up sign. That's perfectly fine with us, because we couldn't be more excited to have Char join the family. Char will be leading front-end development and working closely with our awesome designer Michelle to implement improvements to the app, making Stitch even more amazing. Char has her wireless headphones ready (so she doesn't get tangled while dancing at her desk) and is itching to crank some serious code.

Trivia Question: What does Char have in common with Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Barack Obama? If you answered that she has been President of The United States, you would be incorrect. If you answered she attended Columbia University in New York, you should go grab yourself a cookie because you hit the nail on the head!
That's right folks, Char has a B.A. in Astrophysics from Columbia and is also obsessed with dinosaurs. Some other important facts about Char: she has a pet snake named Hiss, is a beer snob, loves taking pictures with her DSLR and can do bird calls, including chicken, pigeon, peacock, and turkey. We will be sure to record videos of that last one and post them online. When she's not playing with reptiles or taking photos, Char can be found climbing, biking, or running. She's also an avid participant in San Francisco's annual B2B race.
Prior to joining Stitch Labs, Char was the co-founder at AppRats, a video distribution and marketing platform for YouTube celebrities. As of December 2011, AppRats had over 3.7 million Facebook application installs, over 2.5 million verified user email addresses and over 1 million iPhone/Android app downloads. She did everything from writing code to business development. We'll be sure to put all those skills to the test as we scale Stitch to help our customers and more independent business owners sell, sell, sell.


Please join us in welcoming Char, the newest team member here at the Lab. We are so excited to have her join the team and are looking for great things to come!
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