Welcome the Newest Member of Stitch Labs: Bridge Mellichamp!

We'd like to give a big, warm welcome to the newest member of our team, Bridge Mellichamp! She is joining our marketing department and will be analyzing data to direct our efforts. She has experience working as a high school teacher and doing operations for a tech startup in the travel industry. She recently graduated from the University of Chicago with her MBA. We are so glad to have Bridge on board, and feel really lucky to have her! Bridge is going to help us get tons of small business owners to know about Stitch and use the application for their inventory management. We're confident that she'll knock it out of the park.
Bridge was born in Tennessee, but has lived all over, including Texas, Maine, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, and California and has spent a good amount of time in China, Italy, and South Africa. She completed her undergraduate studies at Colby College with a BA in Physics and Mathematical Sciences. She's one smart cookie! We like to keep our community looped in on everything that we're doing, so we wanted to let you get to know Bridge for yourself. Read below for some insight into who our newest member is!
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What are you going to be for Halloween?
Last year was the first year in a long time I was truly excited about my costume! As Catniss, Girl on Fire, from The Hunger Games only a few people knew who I was. Now that the movie has launched and the book series has received a lot of publicity, many more people will, so I'm totally repeating (but still improving) it for this year.
What are you most excited about for living in SF permanently?
Where do I begin?! There are so many things I love about SF. If I can only pick one, it would have to be the city's mentality -- friendly, ambitious, and interesting! Year round sailing, incredibly fun and beautiful things to do within a 3 hour radius, good food & proper cocktails and oh so many bridges(!) would help round out to the top of the list.
I am excited that I could easily eat out and do a different activity every night for the next year and never repeat! I love the variety, uniqueness, and passion available in the city; it reminds me a lot of our customers!
What excites you most about working with Stitch?
Dory! Seriously, office mascots are seriously awesome (so exciting I did just use "seriously" twice).
We have this poster hanging in the office, and it largely encapsulates why I am so excited:
I'm loving my life right now -- at Stitch, I am lucky to have the opportunity to do fascinating things that not only challenge me, but also have a huge impact.
To me, Stitch helps our customers also do what they love by equipping them with the tools and resources to seamlessly manage and even grow their businesses. By facilitating many of the processes, Stitchers can focus on the aspects of their business that they love. The opportunity to grow Stitch's impact, helping more small business owners do what [they] love and do it often is an incredible opportunity.
Favorite music?
I listen to a lot of different things; I'm terrible at finding my own music, so always welcome recommendations! At any given moment you'll find: Jimmy Eat World, Akon, Ghanaian & Atlanta rap, REM, the XX, Sbrkt, John Legend, etc. looping through my playlist.
Favorite morning beverage?
My all time favorite morning beverage is champagne with a splash of mango nectar and touch of fresh pineapple juice (my favorite twist on a bellini or mimosa)!
As I'm definitely not a music snob, I'm going to focus my efforts to getting the "morning beverage" right. One of the first things I learned in the Lab was how to use the espresso machine to make a cappucino. While, I've got a long way to go, I'm going to learn how to make a killer flat white.
Biggest career/education achievements?
Being here?
One of my most proud moments was watching my students graduate and hear former math haters confess that math was "actually pretty cool". I taught high school math at a school that dramatically turned around student achievement prior to business school. Many students were the first in their family to graduate; all overcame tremendous obstacles to achieve what they did. My experience in the classroom dramatically impacted how I think about and interact with the world around me.
What do you love to do outside of work?
I will do almost anything for the story -- so far it's been anything, but I'm sure the time will come that I will say no. I like to be active and exploring -- be it reading, meeting interesting people, hosting dinner parties or doing outdoor things. I have a ski lease and season pass lined up for the winter and am hoping to improve my sailing skills, too. Seriously, in what other city can you both ski AND sail during the winter?!
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Now that you've heard all about Bridge - she wants to hear all about you!

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