Tuesday Tip - Use Line Sheets to Get a Snapshot of Your Inventory

Understanding your inventory is crucial to being successful with a product-based business. Stitch has several detailed inventory reports that give our customers a robust look at where they stand. But what if you just want a quick snapshot of a certain group of products? Maybe you just want to know how many birthday cards or dresses you have on hand. Maybe you just want a quick look at how much this inventory would be worth if you sold it all at a wholesale price vs. selling it at retail prices. You can do that very quickly by using line sheets in Stitch.

First, select the products you want to view by opening a specific product family, selecting numerous families or using the search function to find a specific tag or category. Then download the line sheet.

Below is what you see if you'd like to just open one product family.


Next you can decide what specific information you want to view. Be sure to download the csv file so you can manipulate it.

Finally, you can insert a couple columns that will allow you to quickly identify the information you're looking for.

This is a great way to run a quick analysis on specific product families or specific products to be sure you can make fact-based decisions for your business. We all need to go with our gut from time to time, but if the facts are at our fingertips, it makes a lot of sense to use them.

That's it for this week's tip. Until next time, Stitch on!

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