Tuesday Tip - "Use Drill Down Reports in Stitch to Make Great Decisions."

At the time of this post, Stitch has 26 reports available to help you slice and dice your business in many different ways. With all those reports, you can make great decisions, but the reports I love most are the "drill down" reports. It's hard to express how helpful these reports can be. Also, they are the end result of your hard work in building your product catalog in Stitch.  


These reports help you see which product family or product option is performing best with easy-to-read graphs. Then, all you need to do is click in the graph to get even more detail, hence "drill down." I've personally worked for huge companies that don't have data like this readily available. It is awesome! 


Think about the possibilities. You can make better marketing decisions, production decisions and customer decisions. That's just one report!

I'm guessing that your mind is completely blown right now about how cool this is and how much it can help you, so I'll stop there. I did go into more detail about how these reports can help you be even smarter about your business in a past blog: Tuesday Tip - Understanding Your Sales Mix. You should check that post out too.

We know data isn't everyone's friend, but we also know that having a grasp on the facts about your business can help you meet your goals. We are doing everything we can to help you do just that. Remember, we grow our business by helping you grow your business. Cool, huh?

Until next week, Make Stitch Happen!


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