Tuesday Tip - "Upgrading and Downgrading Account"

Recently we've had several customers ask us if they can add users to their Stitch account to help them as they scale up or down for seasonality. Let's face it, running your business alone is challenging enough when business is a little slower, let alone when it gets really busy. The answer to the question is, yes you can!

As you gear up for the busy holiday season, you may need to have additional help, and being able to add users to your Stitch account is simple.


Also, if you need to remove those users and go down to the "Solo" plan after your busy season, you can do that as well. To adjust your plan, all you need to do is click the account link at the top of your workspace and choose the appropriate option. 


Another great benefit of having multiple users in Stitch is that you can set permissions. For example, if you have hired an assistant or a part-time employee that you don't want to provide total access to, you can set them up as a user and lock certain areas of Stitch so they can't see a particular area or make adjustments. This may be handy if you want to keep your financials confidential. Also, if you have an outside salesperson using Stitch and you only want them to see contacts or create orders for their specific accounts, you can set permissions for that as well.  


If you're a detailed person, like I tend to be, and want the specifics, you can look at our Terms of Service for more information.

We hope having the flexibility to pick the right plan for you allows you to meet the demands of your business. We also know that being ready for the holidays is crucial to your success. Be sure to let us know if you have any questions. We're happy to help.

Until then, Make Stitch Happen!  

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