Tuesday Tip - Three Feature Updates: Re-Open Completed Orders

This week we have three updates to share. The first of which will help get even more accurate inventory management. The three feature updates are:

1. Re-open completed orders - Prior to this update, completed orders in Stitch were locked in time and users were unable to edit them.

2. Add option types to invoices and packing slips - This will make it easier for customers to see the option types corresponding to the options associated with products. Wow, that sounds confusing. Don't worry, the images below will help.

3. Email address now included in company information - There's a new field for Stitch customers to add their email address to invoices and packing slips.


Re-open completed orders - This is a major update! As Stitch users know, inventory is only removed from stock when an order is marked complete; and once an order is marked complete, it's locked from editing. Prior to marking an order complete in Stitch, it's in "committed to order" status and the stock level (inventory count that is actually on your shelf) isn't reduced. This becomes a major challenge when people are trying to get an accurate stock count, especially when there is a customer that has net 15, 30 or 60 day terms. As of today, Stitch customers can mark an order complete, which will draw down stock quantities appropriately, but also re-open the order if the order needs further editing. This will also help if a mistake made somewhere along the line.


Add option types to invoices and packing slips - Based on the product family structure in Stitch, customers use option types like size, color, material, shape, design, etc. to describe their products. Then they tie the actual options like large, medium and small to those option types. Prior to this update, only the actual options (eg. large, medium and small) were viewable on invoices and packing slips. This is still the default setting. But now Stitch users can turn on a setting in the admin area allowing customers to see what the option type actually is. This setting is especially useful when a user has products that have several different color combinations.

Email address added to company information - Finally, this feature update is a minor one, but it's a necessary change. Now, you can include your email address in your company information and it will be automatically added to invoices and packing slips. The email field didn't exist before. Here's where you can add yours:


That's it for this week. Please feel free to let us know what you think about the feature updates by leaving a comment below. Also, connect with us on Twitter and/or Facebook. We love to hear what you're all up to out there.

Stitch on!






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