Tuesday Tip: Stitch for Contact Marketing

There are multiple ways you can leverage your contacts to better your business with Stitch. To get started, you need to build contacts in Stitch. You can do this in two ways. If you've integrated your account, we can import previous orders. Just ask us. Alternately, you can enter your business Contacts into Stitch yourself. Simply fill in the data of for each one. Once you've established your Contact base, you can manipulate the data to identify trends, areas for opportunity, and more.

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After you've entered your contacts, you can filter through them with the search functionality. You can search by Name, Tag, or Type.

- Names - Contact names indicate the name of the company you are working with.

Under the Contact, you can associate People. Example: The Contact name is Seth and Sarah's Boutique. Under that Contact, you have two People associated: Seth Smith and Sarah Smith.

- Types - Upon entering different Contacts, you can categorize them by type. You can categorize Contacts as Customer, Distributor, Vendor, Manufacturer, Retailer, Other, or a Custom Value type.

As orders come in, you can pull a report that shows your sales for each Contact Type. I suggest comparing your Customer Contacts against your Retailer Contacts. Are your wholesale accounts or direct to customer accounts performing better? With this information, you can compare your sales against your expenses to see which Type brings you the most revenue. Then you can determine where it's best to focus your efforts and if your current pricing is working for you.

- Tags - Tags are ways to categorize and differentiate your Contacts, beyond Type.

Using tags is a great way to leverage your Contacts. For instance, I suggest tagging by the city where your contact is located, or tradeshow where you met the contact. Once you've entered your data, you can increase the success of your marketing efforts. To leverage tags:

  • First, filter all contacts by the tag.
  • Then, under the More Actions dropdown, click Export Contacts. All of the contacts associated with that tag will be downloaded into a .csv file.
  • You can then use this list for targeted email marketing campaigns, direct marketing materials, etc.

Being able to pull reports based on your contacts, and downloading lists for email marketing can be really valuable for building your business. We want your data to work for you! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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