Tuesday Tip - "Sorting Columns"

Last week I was using Stitch and I couldn't remember the last contact I edited. Then, I realized I could use the sorting function to see which contact was last modified. I figured this would be a great topic for our Tuesday Tip this week.

Sorting columns in Stitch is very easy and useful. Also, it doesn't apply to only the contact function, you can use it within each major function. That way you can sort any of the columns you wish to quickly put them in order numerically or alphabetically. Below are some examples from different areas of Stitch.

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You can see as you click on the column header, the row will automatically sort either numerically or alphabetically based on the content of the column. If a column has both numbers and letters, the numbers come first. Also, a little arrow appears after clicking on the column header to let you know which row you've sorted. Click the header again, and the sorting goes in the opposite direction.I really like this feature when I'm looking at orders. The sorting feature works great in conjunction with the search feature because the search feature allows you to lock the specifc search you're looking for. Then you can use the sorting function to get a quick view of the order history for a specific customer in numeric order (see below). This is just another quick way to see your sales history at a glance.

That's it for this week. Hopefully this helps. There's nothing we love more than efficiency around the lab.

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