Tuesday Tip - "Setting Permissions for Multiple Users"

For this weeks tip, we want to cover setting multiple permissions. Setting permissions is very important as you grow your business and add additional users to Stitch. Our customers use this functionality for many reasons. A few specific examples are when they hire outside sales people that need access to their account, when they have an intern working for them that they may not need access to confidential financial information, or if they have a fulfillment center that needs to know what to ship.

There are several areas where you can edit permissions throughout Stitch. We'll start with the main area, when you add a new user. 


After you've filled in the necessary information for your user, you have the opportunity to set the appropriate permissions. You'll see that we've set the default permissions to none. We did this because we want you to make conscious decisions about what permissions your addiitonal users should have. 


Next, you can set permissions for each area of Stitch. For this example, I'll assume we are creating permissions for an outside salesperson. You'll see after you click a radio button other than "None," two additional options will appear. These options allow you to further set permissions and personalize Stitch even more for your sales people. You can also send a personalized note that will accompany the email that gets sent. 


That's it! But wait, there's more. You can set permissions on the fly thorughout Stitch as well. For example, if you want to assign contacts from your current customer list to your sale person, it's really easy to do so. 



Now, when your saleperson Eric logs into his Stitch account, he'll see the accounts that have been assigned to him, and since you've allowed him to edit/create accounts, he can add any account he gains. He'll also only be able to create orders for these accounts and any other additional account he ads to his list. 


Throughout each area of Stitch, setting permissions on the fly is a similar process, but the final point I want to share is that the permissions extend to both the dashboard and the reports generated by Stitch. That way, the salesperson can see anything they need to follow up on for their specific accounts, and also know where they stand with their business.



Setting multiple permissions makes it much easier for you to expand your business and also gives you piece of mind that your confidential or sensitive information is safe. There are many combinations you can use to be sure the right people have access to the necessary tools to get their jobs done effectively. Hey, that's what we're all about here in the lab. We want to make selling easier. 

That's it for this week. If you have any questions, let us know. We're here to help. 


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