Tuesday Tip - "More Reports to Help with Your Inventory Management"

Last week we shared our thoughts on year-end inventory counts with our weekly tip. This week we have even more great news to help you manage your inventory. We've just released four new inventory reports in Stitch. That takes us up to 26 amazing ways that you can slice and dice your business and make even smarter decisions about where to focus your limited resources. Also, as with all our reports, we have a detailed description of what each number means so you can feel confident about understanding the data and where it comes from.


The four new reports are:

1. Inventory Status Report

Description -This report displays detailed information about all stock statuses of a given product. Values returned include, but are not limited to, available stock, qty in production, qty committed to order, qty invoiced, completed revenue, and more. This report is independent of any timeframe and is intended to provide a snapshot of your current inventory.

2. Low Stock Report

Description -This report contains a summary of all products that are low in stock. To calculate a low stock alert the available stock level must be lower than the set low stock alert level for a given product. This report is independent of any date span chosen.

3. Add Stock Report

Description -This report contains three tables detailing all of the information about adding stock to products. This report will contain information for every time stock was added to a product and the date filters correspond to the order/make date.

4. Reconciliation Report

Description -This report displays all of the information related to every time inventory was reconciled over the specified timeframe. It will also give information about which user performed the reconciliation. Currently this report is for export only.

We think you'll love all of these reports and find different uses for them depending your specific business needs, but a personal favorite of mine is the Low Stock report. As you use Stitch and really understand the facts behind your sales, you can be sure to pay very close attention to your best sellers and set low stock alerts accordingly. This report will help you see where you stand very quickly with any items that you are running low on without having to search through Stitch to find them. Stitch helps you keep your products in stock so you can sell more. Happy customers make a better business and they'll be much happier if you're not always out of stock.

Be sure to check out these new reports and let us now if you have any questions. We love questions and we're here to help.

Stitch on!

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