Tuesday Tip - "Major Upgrade to Line Sheets"

We are so excited to bring you this week's tip. Stitch allows you to download up to 25 product families at once on a line sheet. We've gotten many requests for this feature and it's here! Like everything else with Stitch, it's so easy to use.

Within the inventory tab, you simply select the product families you'd like to include on the line sheet. This will activate the multiple actions button. Click download line sheet.


Next, you have the option to select the information you'd like to include on the line sheet. Finally, you can download the PDF (with pictures). The csv/excel file doesn't include pictures and is more effective as a price list.


That's it! You can work within Stitch to adjust the information included on the line sheet, such as product family descriptions, to make sure it fits your needs. Here's a short blog post about what's typically included in a line sheet. Many people use it as a selling tool when they want to get their products sold in to a retail location. They also take the csv file with them to a craft fair or trunk show to make sure they're recording what they sell. It's a little more organized and easier to manage than that post-it note or scrap piece of paper you've used in the past. Yep, we've been there.

That's it for this week. We are sure this new feature will help many people be more efficient and are so excited to bring it to you.

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