Tuesday Tip + Feature Update: Modified Inventory Settings for Etsy Sellers

In conjunction with the recent changes to Etsy's fee policy, we made a couple adjustments of our own to how Stitch manages inventory for Etsy sellers:

The first came out last week, when we added a bulk edit feature to make it much more efficient to adjust inventory permissions in Stitch, which we're happy to hear is already saving our customers time!

Yesterday we released an additional, brand new permission level that gives Etsy sellers the ability match their Etsy inventory levels with what they currently have in Stitch [see 'New setting' call-out in the image below].

We also modified the 'Set Maximum Quantity' setting. If you recall, this setting used to have a limit of 10, but now you can choose to have it re-list/set the maximum quantity to whatever you like. This makes it more like a traditional shopping cart, and makes it much easier for Etsy sellers to set a constant level of inventory, to be sure their customers always have access to their products.

Stitch Auto-Relists Etsy items for you!
We've always helped our customers save time with the 'Set Maximum Quantity' settings, by not having to constantly re-listing their items - Stitch does it for you! Now we've just made it a little bit easier, so you can always have it always re-list to show that there are 5 available, or 30 if you'd like. Whatever works best for your line, and how many you want to have available for purchase at any time.

Regardless, once you make a sale, you can remain confident that Stitch is working for you, so that your inventory levels on Etsy are always where you want them to be. We like to help our customers save time and sell more... you'll be even selling in your sleep!

Our fourth and final setting - that allows Stitch to keep one of an item available at all times no matter what - remains unchanged. This is a very popular setting for our make-to-order customers.

We're having an Etsy StitchUp!
If you or someone you know is selling on Etsy, you won't want to miss this week's StitchUp - it's all about these recent changes and how to use Stitch to sell more effectively on Etsy.

We're also having an in-person StitchUp/Officewarming party next week, for those of you in & around the Bay Area... we'd love to see you!

Stitch on, and make it a great week.

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