Tuesday Tip - Feature Update: Manual Order Quantity Defaults to 1

So many of our customers sell through multiple channels. Two very popular selling channels that our customers sell through are consignment and wholesale. When retailers place these orders, many of them come via telephone or fax. This forces our customers to create manual orders in Stitch. We are always looking to make this process faster and we implemented a simple usability feature over the weekend to help. Now, when creating a manual order, the default quantity is set to 1 rather than the previous 0. Not only that, but the cursor lands on the quantity number so it can be adjusted quickly without additional key strokes.

This seems simple, right? We know, but it comes from our customers using Stitch every day. We are constantly working on major updates behind the scenes, but we will continue to work on smaller usability features along the way to make Stitch better.

Thank you to those of you that continue to send feature requests our way. We appreciate them.

Until next time, Stitch on!

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