Tuesday Tip - Feature Update: Adjusting Multiple Customer Types

This weeks tip is all about usability. We launched a new feature yesterday that will help you organize your business contacts easier with Stitch. You can now edit multiple contact types as a bulk action. This will help you effectively segment your sales channels in seconds.

After I've categorized my customers, I can look at my reports to see where my business is coming from and where I should focus. Another great thing about segmenting customers is that I can create lists with Stitch to be uploaded into my email marketing applications like MailChimp or Constant Contact to stay in touch with specific customers or target them with special offers. Below is an example of a report that will show how each customer type (sales channel) is performing.

We continue to talk about making smarter decisions with your business. Having a good understanding of how each sales channel is performing is key to making sound decisions about where to focus your resources. This feature update will make that much easier.

Please feel free to leave a comment or questions below. We're all ears. Until next time, Stitch on!

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