Tuesday Tip - Download Multiple Invoices and Packing Slips in Bulk

You asked and Stitch delivered. You can now download multiple invoices and packing slips in bulk!

On the Orders page the "Edit Multiple" tab has been changed to "Multiple Actions". Click 2 or more orders and the button will activate. You can choose to either download multiple invoices or multiple packing slips. A single PDF will be generated with every invoice or packing slip from each one of the orders you selected.

How will this help me, you ask. Well here's how... Say you link Stitch to your Etsy store and now that the holidays are fast approaching your killer monsterific scarfs are selling like hot cakes, in fact you're getting more than 10 orders per day. Well, you'd like to include an invoice with every order so that you can look super professional. You also want to give your customer a nice message so they know you sent them what they ordered. Finally, it will help you pack many orders more efficiently.

All you have to do is select the filter for "Invoiced" orders to show the in progress orders from the day that have been invoiced. Next select all of them and just click "Download All Invoices". Voila! All the invoices in a single PDF that you can print and fulfill with.


More mutiple actions coming soon but we were so excited about these that we thought we had to share.

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