Tuesday Tip - "Customize Product Numbers on Invoices and Packing Slips"

Having the ability to customize an invoice is important to our customers because it's an extension of their business. We have built in several ways to customize invoices and we continue to make improvements all the time based on customer feedback. For this Tuesday Tip, I'm going to show you a quick way to customize Product IDs (aka UPC, SKU) on invoices and packing slips

First you enter your admin settings area for Orders, Invoices & Packing Slips.


There you'll see the area marked "Product ID's." All the boxes for every Product ID you have in Stitch will be checked by default. 



This means any product you have in your Stitch catalog with these specific numbers assigned will show up on invoices and packing slips as seen below. Remember, you can assign as many IDs to products as you want. This may be especially useful if you have a wholesale customer with their own numbering system they want you to follow. 


If you only want specific Product IDs on your invoice, it's as simple as unchecking the boxes in the admin area. For this example, I only want to show UPC's on my invoice. 


Once I've unchecked the boxes, I can download the same invoice again to PDF and I can see that the unwanted Product ID numbers have been removed. This works exactly the same way for packing slips as it does for invoices.  


Having the ability to show only the numbers you want can help avoid confusion, but also gives you the flexibility to identify your products the way you want to. This can be greatly beneficial if you need to have a different internal identification than you have externally. It can also help if you currently don't have a product identification system and some day you move to a SKU or UPC system. In this case, the transition to a new Product ID will be seamless. This is just another way we want to make sure Stitch can grow along with your business. 

That's it for this week. Please let us know if you have any questions. As always, we're happy to help.


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