True University: Stitch goes to startup school!

We feel incredibly fortunate to have the support of True Ventures. Not only because they stand with us in our vision to help business owners succeed, but because in doing so, they make a commitment to the companies they've invested in. A solid example of that commitment is their yearly event, True University.


Five of us had the pleasure of attending TrueU this year, and I'm confident I can speak for all of us that it was an incredibly enlightening and educational experience. There's so much to learn in running a business - of any size! - and we know that by getting better at everything we do here at Stitch, we're going to be able to continue helping you grow and succeed in your business. Plus, it was a great opportunity for our core team to spend some quality time together.

Brandon, Robert, Willo, Michelle & Jake

The leadership at True (shout out to Christiaan!) did a phenomenal job at rounding up an incredible roster of speakers from various backgrounds, levels and verticals; teaching our team new insights tips and tricks for everything from back-end development to customer service to design and culture/team-building strategies. Honestly, that short list barely scratches the surface, as there was probably almost 40 different presenters and topics, but suffice to say we all walked away learning a lot!

True Ventures' Phil Black, wearing his 'True Blue' jacket

Something super cool, in addition to all that, was I was among those asked to present! I was so honored and humbled to be among all the ridiculously talented folks droppin’ their knowledge. For those of you who have met me - either through my personal WilloToons blog and Twitter stream, or through our Stitch blog, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc - it'll probably come to no surprise that my talk was entitled, Building and Nourishing Your Customers through Social Channels. I had a great time, and it seemed to be a well-received topic for all of the other founders/start-up folks there looking to learn how to authentically share the word about their product or service. Thanks for having me, True!


Willo O'Brien, leading a talk at TrueU

The whole event was done SO impeccably well. Held on the beautiful Haas Business School campus, they served us delicious meals, hosted fun happy hour networking events, and even supplied us with eco-friendly and useful fun swag. We made tons of new friends and allies among the other True portfolio companies, and came away inspired and ready to make Stitch happen!

Yummy cupcakes? TRUE.

Thanks for being awesome, True! We look forward to making you proud as we continue to improve Stitch and help more product-based businesses flourish doing what they love!

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