Top Tax Tip Blogs Retailers Need To Read


It’s the final countdown and we’re are JUST 10 days away from April 15th. Still overwhelmed by ensuring you’ve filed all the right forms, checked every box, and calculated every deduction correctly? Our tax experts have been sharing their tips and secrets for a stress-free tax season and it’s not too late to take advantage of their best practices. Don’t miss our top four reads right now:

  1. Do you know your sales tax basics? Here are THE five basics you need to understand and determine what your sales tax ‘Nexus’ is. TaxJar’s CEO breaks down sales tax 101 for retailers here.
  2. Losing your mind when collecting sales tax on multiple sales channels? Learn how retailers do it the easy way in another blog post from the CEO of TaxJar. Hint: Don’t forget a channel and definitely automate the process with these details.
  3. Can you claim S Corporation status? CPA Jeremy Allen explains if you can file as a S Corporation or not and five other ways you should prep for tax season this year and next. He also has the deadlines you need outside the dreaded April 15th deadline to avoid costly penalties. (Some aren’t until June! Phew!)
  4. You’ve heard it once and you’ll hear it again, you NEED to know your nexus. InDinero tells you why it’s location, location, location when you’re filing business taxes. Where you do business matters, even if you’re selling bikinis to Wakiki from Boston. Do not miss these location tips before you click ‘file’ on your taxes.
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