How to Get That Spring in Your (Marketing) Step


Spring has officially sprung, people! But before you start daydreaming of summery vacations to escape the winter blues, we have a few simple tips that will help your business handle the seasonal transition a little better. Now go grab yourself an Arnold Palmer, throw on some shades, and explore a few of our tips for a successful spring season.

Get creative with winter items: 

Shoppers are antsy to buy spring and summer items, but no one can deny a good deal. Entice the bargain enthusiasts with major discounts on winter items or position them as "transitional" items for spring. This will help you clear the shelves of old stock and move it right into the hands of customers. Use this as a way to stay top-of-mind to your existing customers and an opportunity to wrangle some new ones. 

Make room for new stock:

While your cold weather items are flying off the shelves, make sure you’re ready for new inventory shipments. Keep your stock room organized and provide clear expectations for your team about how to organize the new items. Do a little spring cleaning and check out our tips on how to optimize your warehouse management

Test a new marketing campaign: 

A new season brings new opportunities for growth! Leverage spring themes and find a fresh way to tell your brand's story. Use tools that help you create a seasonal website theme and marketing assets. PicMonkey is a great photo service that has spring templates you can use for social media promotions, email marketing imagery and more. Research what larger companies are doing and experiment with similar marketing efforts. 

Align with current events: 

It’s music festival season, and if you frequent any apparel company targeted to young, hip females, you’ll notice one thing - they’re all hopping on the “festival lookbook” trend. Be aware of current events that would encourage your customers to buy specific items. Partner with other brands and create a larger lifestyle campaign that incorporates things relevant to your audience.

Think like a customer: 

Most importantly - put yourself in the shoes (or sandals) of your customers. Figure out what they want, what's relevant to them and what would engage them. Use TagBoard to see what's trending on social media and find ways to join the conversation. Leverage current brand advocates to share new spring items and create memorable experiences that encourage loyalty

Have other ideas on how retailers can boost sales and start the season off right? Share them with us below or reach out to us on Twitter!


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