This week's StitchUp is all about Orders & Invoices!

Have you registered for our StitchUp series yet? We're doing these live calls every other week, dedicated to helping you get the most out of Stitch. Even if you're brand new and haven't signed up for a free trial yet, you can join us to get a peek into some of the robust, but easy-to-use, features that will help you streamline and manage your business like buttah!

This week's StitchUp is happening on Thursday, May 10th at 1pm PT,
and it's all about Orders & Invoices.

Willo and Jake

If you're selling online and/or wholesale, you won't want to miss this one. Totally free to register & join us, and you'll not only get a little facetime with Jake and myself for a live Q&A (and potential goofball moments :), but you'll be able to meet other creative independents on the call, too!

To get you all warmed up for this week's StitchUp, I thought I'd pull together a few blog posts we've done on Orders & Invoices:

We look forward to showing you how all of your orders and invoices work together, and how they translate back into the reports for your business!

Remember, even if you can't join us live you'll want to register, as we send out a recording of the call for you to watch (or re-watch, as it were) at your leisure. We have already done two StitchUps, so when you sign up you'll gain access to these as well:

  • Leveraging Contact Management
  • Inventory, Products & Profits
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See you Thursday!

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