This Week In Retailer News: May 22nd


We know you are a busy bunch, so we've rounded up the latest commerce headlines to keep you on top of things. From industry news and top trends to the latest Stitch announcements and partner updates, we’ll keep you informed of just what you need and a little of what you want. Now, enjoy your coffee or tea and let’s catch up, shall we?


Haters gonna hate, hate, hate. 

Should you embrace the hate?

The social team over at Marc Jacobs embraces customer negativity by retweeting it. The comment has since been deleted by the customer, but Racked has a screencap of it. It begs to ask the question, ‘When is the fan/customer no longer always right?’

It’s time to Care Bear hug the world of online returns…

The ugly truth is one in three online purchases are returned. Whether or not you have a return policy, you should take a look at what other retailers offer and see how you stack up. Then head over to Entrepreneur for tips on creating or revising your own. For example, Zappos offers free two-way shipping and 365-day returns. That reads a bit easier than ‘Final Sale - No Returns’, doesn’t it?


Buy, Buy, Baby. 


Get ready to crack that piggy bank...

In 2015, Retailers are spending twice as much as any other industry when it comes to mobile advertising. eMarketer’s “Digital Ad Spending Benchmarks by Industry” report predicts that digital advertising will top $60 billion this year. While only 7.2% of purchases are made online, the digital space when it comes to marketing is becoming the frontrunner in place of traditional advertising.

If you can Google it, you can buy it…

Amazon may have ‘Buy it now with One-Click’, but Google is planning on taking it to the gauntlet with its new ‘Buy Now’ button. Benchmark Reporter has all the details, but the basics are that it will initially be directed to a very small amount of mobile users, and will minimize redirection to the shop’s original site. Another small step for Google, a giant leap for moving away from being just ‘blue links on a page’.


Come Together


For those that pre-ordered the Apple Watch, good news…

Apple Pay is coming to Shopify POS systems. What does that mean for retailers? Not much at the moment, but developers are able to get their hands on the API tools from Mobile Buy SDK. Will this addition to one-touch payments help remedy the dreaded shopping cart abandonment? Only the internet of things knows.

Woo-hoo, WooThemes is now ‘Automattic’...

Heads up to WooCommerce users, Automattic has acquired WooThemes. In their press release, WooThemes reassures you that as a customer, nothing in the immediate future will change. In the future, you may notice changes with extra oomph of power from Automattic. Some things change, and hopefully some things stay the same.

Alright, retail warriors…

The first holiday weekend of summer is here and we wish you a safe and prosperous weekend. See you here next week for the latest news you as a retailer needs.
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