This Week in Retailer News - June 26th


We know you are a busy bunch, so we've rounded up the latest commerce headlines to keep you on top of things. From industry news and top trends to the latest Stitch announcements and partner updates, we’ll keep you informed of just what you need and a little of what you want. Now, enjoy your coffee or tea and let’s catch up, shall we?

Hitting the breaks on 11Main.

Major changes are afoot for Alibaba and it’s US outpost 11Main. TechCrunch reported this week that 11Main will fold into Open Sky, a social shopping marketplace, along with a few other companies. A spokesperson said, “this joining of forces will help drive sales worldwide and better deliver on the mission to empower [small business] brands to reach and sell to consumers.”

Do your customers want to call you?

We were in the news this week discussing how to create a great customer support experience on Business 2 Community. The impact a support team has on customer growth is no laughing matter. CEO Brandon Levey talks about how to track customer feedback, understanding your audience, streamlining communication paths, and creating a “customer first” environment.

No more growing pains.

eCommerce is all grown up and chose the mobile-friendly, consumer-focus, niche marketing career path for its latest foray. Shopify gets a great shout out in this TechCrunch article about how it’s gone public, and it’s harboring a brand new eCommerce sector. Also, they take a look at how nouveau shopping experiences such as Casper and Warby Parker are changing the way retail functions. It ends on a promising mobile-centric note, with a few predictions for the future.

Three’s a crowd on Amazon?

Everyone loves Amazon. Or do they? The Guardian took an interesting in-depth look weighing the costs and benefits of third-party sellers on Amazon. 44% of their sales are now produced by independent sellers, however there is some concerns over the cost of those sales. The commission that Amazon collects hovers around 15% for many items, and that leaves some sellers with a bad taste in their mouths. Do you sell on Amazon and do you feel the same?

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