This Week In Retailer News - June 22nd

Are you one in a million? or half a million?

If you’re a Quickbooks Online or Xero user, you’re part of one of two huge milestones this week. QBO surpassed one million paid subscribers, and Xero reached half a million customers. For Xero, this means they have grown ten-fold over the past four years, as detailed in the National Business Review feature on their expansion. QBO also noted that their rapid growth is contributed to the growing trend of shifting business operations online, posting eight straight quarters of accelerated growth.

Inside Apple’s Inner Retail Sanctum….

The annual Apple-hosted WWDC happened this week in San Francisco, and one of the biggest takeaways from Monday’s Keynote was the expansion and upgrades made to Apple Pay. Square Pay users can rejoice that the traditional Square Pay device is being replaced to now accommodate Apple Pay. If you haven’t reserved one of 250,000 free new devices, sign up now here.

Square Pay wasn’t the only huge update to Apple Pay, Passbook on iOS devices is now simply Wallet, and those retailer credit cards and reward programs will soon be integrated into Wallet. Retail Wire detailed from Best Buy to Forever 21 to Walgreens, larger chains will be integrated mostly by the end of the year.

Lastly, another big Xero announcement this week, Xero and Vend both announced they are part of a group of elite business platforms working with Apple to bring the iPad to use in businesses. CEO of Vend, Vaughan Rowsell, in an ZDNet article said, “iPad is increasingly becoming an essential business tool for retailers as sales associates grab an iPad and go mobile inside the store -- wherever the customer is on the shop floor.” Do you use an iPad in your retail operations? If so, how?

Taco Bell sprechen sie Millennial.

On a much lighter note, Taco Bell revealed they are ‘brushing up on youth lingo’ to better reach the Millennial generation. They feature an employee-curated ‘Millennial Word of The Week’ at the headquarters for other employees. It’s an interesting way to educate their team on one of their largest and most vocal audiences. Words have included ‘lit’, ‘throwing shade’, and ‘on fleek’.

Uber for your packages and Kickstarter for your DIYs.

Looking for your next part-time job? Rumor has it that Amazon wants to create its own delivery force by tapping into its own customers to deliver packages. They’ll do this through a mobile app, and their model is that people would pick up packages when they have free time or if they are already heading the same direction. Concerns arise around trustworthiness of these pseudo delivery persons, and the logistics for pickups.

Etsy is also taking a page from another crowd-based app. This time Etsy wants to emulate Kickstarter, called Fund on Etsy. The process is much the same as other crowdfunding sites, and on Fund, projects are preorders and funding is not released until the campaign is over and the goal is met. Perfect for those with low capital looking to start a business.

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