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We know you are a busy bunch, so we've rounded up the latest commerce headlines to keep you on top of things. From industry news and top trends to the latest Stitch announcements and partner updates, we’ll keep you informed of just what you need and a little of what you want. Now, enjoy your coffee or tea and let’s catch up, shall we?


A few of our partners are definitely hanging ten in the ecommerce world in the race for the online retail Big Kahuna.

S-H-O-P, yea you know me.

Around 7.7 million shares are getting ready to hit the stock market when Shopify IPOs to the tune of $100 million later this month. It’s been a long eleven year road to reach this point for Shopify, who has over 600 employees currently.

Would you put in 40 hours of work for 20 hours of pay?

While sellers are putting full-time hours into Etsy, it’s not being reflected in their paychecks.BizJournals discusses the latest Etsy politics here.


If by “couples” you mean “acquisitions and partnerships,” then yes, there are a few noteworthy ones. Some confirmed, and some speculated. Isn’t love fun?!

May the (Sales)force be with you.

Somebody’s newest relationship is under lock and key, but Ben Kepes from Forbes did a little digging for us. Could your favorite two day shipping online retailer be planning to acquire your company’s favorite sales management system?

Alibaba No Longer Black Sheep

Alibaba, the monstrous Chinese e-commerce retailer, is Zulily’s newest BFF. The e-commerce giant has taken a large equity stake in the Seattle-based online retailer largely known for its baby and momma clothing and accessories.

“We have great respect for the team at Alibaba and all that they have built,” said Zulily CEO Darrell Cavens in a statement emailed to GeekWire Friday night. “We are honored to welcome them as shareholders of our company.”

Read the full story on this blooming relationship here.


While the Postal Service is facing some of its hardest times in history, deliveries are reaching a new-era popularity.

Stamping up a $torm

The Postal Service had intentions of rolling out new rates last month, but has officially moved any changes to May 31. What does this mean for online retailers? Not much really. The changes won’t impact Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express. Those taking the biggest hit will be “standard mail and periodicals, which are sent by large vendors mailing in bulk.” Check out the full details here.

(Insert Your Own)-of-the-month Club

The curated life has taken off, and shoppers are looking for the next great product to show up automatically at their doorsteps. It’s no longer reserved for the likes of Birchbox and Quarterly Co., you too can join in on the subscription game.


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