This Week in Retail News: June 5th


 We know you are a busy bunch, so we've rounded up the latest commerce headlines to keep you on top of things. From industry news and top trends to the latest Stitch announcements and partner updates, we’ll keep you informed of just what you need and a little of what you want. Now, enjoy your coffee or tea and let’s catch up, shall we?

Join or die (digitally)...

In a new study from across the pond, a whopping 84% of retailers fear falling behind on the digital transformation of their business. However, most retail business did expect to turn digital in 2015 to improve the customer experience. The digital disruption is not just for customers, many small business want the capability to access their data and business performance wherever they are. This means software upgrades and spending among small business is on the rise up 7% from 2013 in 2014. How much do you spend annually on business technology?

The Good, the Bad, and the Lawsuits…

You’ll ‘never’ guess which online retail giant topped Reputation Institute’s annual survey of America’s 50 most reputable companies in the retail industry. Yes, for a third consecutive year, Amazon is the king of retail reputation. With last week’s announcement of same-day delivery for Prime members located in 500 cities, to this week’s co-marketing genius of Minion covered Prime boxes, they are having a banner Q2 so far, and there’s still a month left.

On the flipside of good retail behavior, this week also brought out the dark side of retail businesses. In a new class-action lawsuit filed in California, Victoria’s Secret is in some hot water when it comes to wage theft, claiming they regularly scheduled workers mandatory on-call shifts for more than 15 hours a week requiring them to call in two hours prior to the shift. The case will focus around whether or not workers who after calling in were not needed for their shift that day are entitled to pay for those hours.


You get a buy button! Everyone gets buy buttons…

Pinterest isn’t the only one getting in on the buy button game, Instagram not only announced advertising will be available to everyone this week, they have their own ‘shop now’ button available, making social commerce easier than ever on two. If you part of 84% that are fearing falling behind in digitalizing your business, this is a good time to get yourself acquainted with Instagram and Pinterest for business.

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