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 We know you are a busy bunch, so we've rounded up the latest commerce headlines to keep you on top of things. From industry news and top trends to the latest Stitch announcements and partner updates, we’ll keep you informed of exactly what you need plus a little of what you want. Enjoy your coffee or tea, and let’s catch up, shall we?


Pay close attention, you may miss something.

In case you missed it, our CEO, Brandon Levey sat down with One Million by One Million's Sramana Mitra for an epic 10-part interview covering everything from Stitch's conception to hopping BART turnstiles to today. Don't miss a beat, and start at the beginning


It's time to celebrate the small, but mighty. 

"Small businesses view technology as a primary vehicle for achieving objectives rather than simply a support mechanism for day-to-day operations. Nearly six in 10 see technology as a means to reducing costs; and 55 percent intend to use technology to reach new customers."   

It was National Small Business Week and lots of businesses and news outlets were 'celebrating America's entrepreneur.' Fittingly, Entrepreneur covers everything you need to know about the week and lets you recap the biggest events.  Meanwhile Business Solutions Magazine reports on the importance on the IT and small business relationship. 


Knock, knock. Who's there? 

"Your first chance to make a great impression is online."

The term you need to know this week is 'Digital Door'. A digital door is your online retail presence, and how it works cohesively with your brick-and-mortar. It also defines how this relationship is crucial to your impression as a retailer.

Read more about the importance of reaching customers from the American Business Association online here


Mobilegeddon is just a name for a movie. 

Why should you make your website  mobile-friendly? Because mobile is now the main driver of Google searches and they're punishing those who don't fall in line. And as we all know, you never want to piss off The Google.  

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