This Week In Commerce: Walmart Closes Stores To Focus On ECommerce


This week in commerce actually started late last week when Walmart announced they were closing stores across the country. But, while one big box retailer takes a few steps back, another online big box retailer is leading the charge in developing the latest deliver technology trend: drones. I’m also featuring a list of reasons why Amazon FBA is must-have for growing retailers.

Walmart Closes 154 Stores in U.S. - Plans to Focus More on Ecommerce

Just under three years after Tesco pulled their small store format locations out of the U.S., Walmart is closing 154 U.S. locations of their own, many of which are small store format as well. These huge retailers are having a difficult time making the small store format work for them in an ever-changing retail environment. And even though over 90% of purchases still happen in brick-and-mortar locations, Walmart is feeling the constant pressure of growing online sales and is going to continue to shift more resources into this growing segment.

6 Reasons Investors Will Be Buying FBA in 2016

Not only is it getting easier for shoppers to buy everywhere via their mobile devices, but it continues to get easier for sellers to meet their demands. Services like FBA allow merchants to take a more hands off approach to the day-to-day operations of their business and focus efforts on how to attract customers in more strategic way. I have an Amazon box on my doorstep every other day and by using FBA, sellers get to participate in Prime. Sure, Amazon is going to get their cut, but there has to be a price for the convenience of possibly never having to touch a piece of inventory.

Wondering how much selling on Amazon can increase your revenue? We chatted with one of our customers last year about how selling on Amazon changed their entire retail operations and increased revenue 200%.

Amazon Reveals New Details About Drone Deliveries

Last week I shared a story about Amazon becoming their own shipping company. There will come a day where drone deliveries are as commonplace as a UPS delivery, and Amazon is going to be the company to figure it out. Are there still hurdles, skeptics, and potential privacy threats with drone deliveries? Sure, but there are upsides as well. Not only would there be less emissions, but think of how fast you can get that new toothpaste when you press the dash button in your bathroom. :)


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