This Week in Commerce: Amazon vs. Alibaba, and Square Partners with Apple

Did someone say Amazon? Because another week has gone by and there’s yet another major story from Amazon. eBay’s new CEO continues to put his stamp on the future of the company and Square finds their way into Apple stores. Here are this week’s top stories.

Amazon Building Global Delivery Business to Take on Alibaba

It appears to have been in the works for years, but operation “Dragon Boat” maybe upon us. There’s been a lot of talk in recent months about Amazon’s growing appetite for becoming more involved in shipping and even becoming their own shipping entity. But the idea of shipping directly from China is a major indicator the company has larger aspirations than just final-mile delivery. It’s not going to be an easy road for Amazon, but if anyone has the capability and desire to make bold moves and leverage their trove of data and knowhow, it’s them.

eBay Pivots Away from Big Retail

For years, eBay focused on the smaller sellers and built the business on the backs of people selling and looking for unique goods. During the John Donahoe (former CEO) era, the focus shifted more toward larger businesses and the services to make them successful (e.g. Magento and eBay Enterprise acquisitions). As David Wenig takes the CEO reins and PayPal spins out onto their own, he’s looking to refocus the company on smaller sellers again. This major change will be interesting to watch as eBay continues to try to find their identity again and appeal to the people that made them the original destination for interesting buys.

Square's Apple Pay Reader is Going on Sale at Apple Stores

Fintech is a space changing faster than anyone can keep up with. Square moving into Apple stores with their new reader is just one example of where would be competitors are working together to help make payments more seamless for consumers. The ever changing nature of this business doesn’t seem to be slowing down either. Now, you can walk into an Apple store and use your Android phone to pay for a Square reader. Or can you? Simple, right?  

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